Freezing Surge

On my off day in the evening I go about preparing my supplements for the following day. Using a funnel I mix in Surge in two separate bottles and one small bottle for Powerdrive.

The next morning I bring my drinks with me to work and stick them in the freezer.

Around 4:45 I pull them out (they are pretty slushy by now) and then I commute home and directly to my gym. When I’m halfway through my workout I have my ice cold Surge and when my workout is complete I drink my the second bottle of Surge (which is still chilled)but before I do that I add a scoop of creatine.

What I wondered is, is it bad to FREEZE Surge and then drink it once it has thawed. Can this freezing and thawing process possibly ruin its effectiveness?

I only ask because I noticed that the directions for Creatine are to “Drink Immediately after mixing”. Surge has no such instructions but I wonder.

OK Ill try and ease your worried mind. This mainly comes form my interaction and talking to those more smarter than lowly ole me, ppl like Dave Barr, Lonnie Lowery etc.

Sure the premixing of the Surge that far in advance MAY cause further degradation of the fragile Whey Hydro. but that in and of itself isnt a bad thing. by it degrading further it may pass the gut even faster has degraded to and even smaller more digested state. The aminos etc are still there just be be freed up more.

My thinking is also by you super chilling it you are actually slowing the degradation that takes place. Think of heck chicken you freeze, even other milk products. You freeze them to preserve them so they dont go bad.

In the ned sure some degradation prob took place but that could be seen as a good thing and more than likely if bad it was minute and nothing to stress about.

Hope that helps,