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Freezing Meat - Good or Bad

Does anyone now of any evidence that freezing meat can damage it’s make-up? I heard from Paul Chek that if you freeze meat you shouldn’t eat it because it kills all the goodness, Any Comments?

Freezing any food, whether it be meat, vegetables,fruit is never as good as eating it fresh. While it does affect the quality of the meat, it does not significantly alter the nutritional value . If you buy large quantities (some people like to buy whole/half cows, or just got a good deal at the supermarket) then there is no other way to keep it. Just make sure it is frozen as quickly as possible (put it in the coldest part of the freezer), and wrapped tightly. Meat should not be kept more the 6 monthes, as it will begin to deteriorate.

i’ve been wondering something similar about dehydration. Is nutritional value lost when making jerky?

I remember reading, per the BBC, that freezing meat increases the bacteria count, sometimes to dangerous levels. Maybe try searching their archives, it was from last summer I believe.

If we follow everyone’s advice regarding what to do or not to do, you wouldn’t be left with many choices. This is bodybuilding minutia in my opinion, and I wouldn’t worry to much about it. Whether you only buy fresh or freeze your meat (properly), I doubt it’s enough to seriously render the meat useless. As for frozen veggies, typically, they are frozen at the best time. So in most cases, frozen veggies can actually be more fresh than fresh veggies due to the time they are picked, shipped and available for your purchase. Either way, fresh or frozen is a good choice, nutritionally. And frozen stuff enables you to store things longer, and also buy in bulk and save money. If you train and eat like an athlete or bodybuilder, then I’m sure saving money is of concern due to the amount eaten on a daily basis.

Very very few bacteria can grow at freezing temperatures, however, most spores can survive.

According to the USDA, only 3-5% nutrient loss occurs with dehydration due to low temperatures during the process.

as dave tate would say ‘dont major in minor things.’

God bless you Nate and dman. I think what we got going on here at tmag is great, but sometimes all of us go overboard. I’d like to be like Ted Nugent and kill all my own meat. Much better fatty acid profile in wild game. Guess what? We all have to live in the real world. I’m sure if you keep it about 6 months max like ko said, it will be fine.