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Freezing Meals

Ok, this may seem like real simple questions, but I need to start making big dishes and freezing single meals to make dinners quick and easy during the week.

When doing this, can you just put the food container right in the microwave and start cooking it, or do you thaw it in the fridge before hand? Do you use the defrost function on the microwave??

Any tips you want to share, please do.

I don’t use defrost or thaw it. I just microwave it for longer than if I had pulled it from my fridge.

Any one else have tips or ideas? I thought a lot of people did this.

Personally I put my meal in the fridge the night before I want to eat it, so that it will be thawed. You can defrost or cook a little longer than from the fridge, but I’ve always had problems doing either of those.

I prepare and freeze up to four weeks of meals at a time. I pre-cook the meat and place it in sandwich bags. The veggies go raw in a rectangular glass dish. I put the meat baggie in, cover it and freeze.

For meal time, I take out the meat baggie and microwave the vegetables to nearly doneness. Then add the frozen meat, and microwave on 50% power until thawed and warmed up. Works great.

Good luck.