Freezing Fresh Veggies

Is there any way to do this without the veggies coming out messed up and freezer burned? I tried to freeze fresh spinach and cabbage and it came out soggy and nasty despite being in freezer bags. Let me know if anyone of you have experience doing this and knows how.

Thanks in advance

Freezing a whole head of cabbage is a short cut way of getting leafs (the easy way) for cabbage rolls.

Freezer burns comes from air in the bag.

If you freeze fresh, you will get soggy veg, once defrosted. No way around this. Check out “Good Eats” on the food network. He has an episode where he explains all of this, in an easy to understand format.

You need to par cook first, fast cool down, dry, then IQF, then put in a bag. Once frozen, you can only use them for cooking.

There is only one way to enjoy fresh and that is to purchase fresh.