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Freezing Food?

im starting a diet and preparing most of my foods on sunday for the whole week is there anything wrong with freezing it.Will there be any problems?

Nope its a great plan. I couldnt live without a freezer or well two I bought a smaller one just freezer.


My deep freezer has changed the way I buy and eat meat. It costs an extra couple bucks a month in electricity; however, we can buy and keep an assortment of meats in 10 lb increments. This is very conducive to a diet high in animal flesh.

The only drawbacks to freezing foods are:

1 - You have to remember to thaw your food at the appropriate time. This is a big one, and forgetting to do so can often be rationalized as an excuse to eat like shit. This can be somewhat mitigated with a fantastic device known as a “microwave.”

2 - You have to buy more tupperware and pay attention to what is in it. This can be mitigated with disposal tupperware / gladware and a device known as a “sharpie.”

Other considerations for the freezer lifestyle:

  • Chest style freezers are cheaper to run than upright.
  • Get a membership at Costco / Sam’s club/ BJ’s to keep said freezer full of nutritious food.
  • Full freezers are cheaper to run than empty freezers.
  • Do not succumb to the temptation to fill said freezer with shit foods like frozen pizzas and pudding pops.

Happy eating!