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Freezing Food

If i were to make a chicken salad, is it possible to freeze it and thaw it out a few days later. Does anyone have any ideas on making and holding food for a few days. It would be much handier for me to make food at the weekend, when i have free time, and hold it for the week, but im not sure how to do this safely?
Thanks for your help.

We freeze food all the time. It makes life easier and cheaper to prepare double or triple while you have things out. We use ziploc bags or sealable containers to freeze foods in meal sized portions, then thaw it when needed. You can even use trash containers from yogurt, etc. Just experiment before you make a large batch. Some foods don’t freeze well & thaw mushy or runny - ie, not very appealing.

Zero degrees Farenheit is your friend. Of course, it will freeze at 32F, but zero is recomended for long and safe storage. If you are really interested, see the Ball Blue book of Canning and Freezing. You can pick it up at WalMart or a book store.

Hell yes.

Man if I wasnt able to freeze things I wouldn’t be able to sustain myself with any bit of sanity. I freeze EVERYTHING. From chopping veggies up to berries and such. Lots of cooked meats.

Lets you be able to buy and prepare in bulk and save much time and cash.

Like was said just experiment but most food freeze just fine.

Hope that helps,

Freezing is great and conveinent, but be careful…some things like mayo will break* when frozen.

  • break means emulsification will separate - the oil will separate from the egg&other ingredients.