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Freezing Cottage Cheese?

Does anyone know if it is possible to freeze cottage cheese? I have one that has almost pass the best before date.


It will stay good for a week or two past the date posted on it. That’s just the date that the supermarket has to sell it by. I go through cottage cheese way too fast to have to worry about it expiring though…

Depends. Freezing might make the consistency less appealing when you defrost it to eat it. On the other hand, mascarpone, which has some similarities to cottage cheese, freezes well, and has almost as good consistency when it defrosts. In any case, if you use it in something where the original consistency doesn’t matter - like you drop some into a shake - then if should be fine.

In any case, if it’s about to pass its sell by date and you don’t want to or can’t eat it in the next day or two, then certainly pop it in the freezer. If it’s really nasty when you defrost it, then throw it out - same as you would have done if it had gone bad. All you lose is a little space in your freezer.

cool thanks for your suggestions. I eat cottage cheese everyday. The problem is that I bought too much of it and I noticed that one has reached the expiry date.

I think I will freeze it and see how it goes.

Thanks again.

like the above said it will change the consistancy but yes its doable.

I used to work in a food technology lab and I asked the same question. Some grad students said freezing was a bad idea because it would denature the proteins. Whether this is accurate or not, I don’t know but I thought I’d throw it in the discussion.