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Freezing Cooked or Raw Meat?


May be getting a new chest freezer this weekend. I want to start buying my meat in bulk from Sam's Club. Steak, chicken, hamburger... My question is this, is it better to freeze it immediately, then just thaw it in the microwave whenever your ready to cook it. Or cook it as soon as you can, then freeze it. I was going to look into the ziploc vacuum bags too. I've heard it makes the meat last a lot longer. Anyway, I don't know which is the better way to go. The one thing I do know is that I'll be saving money in the long run.


Your goals decide which way you go with that. I cook my steaks, seal them and then freeze them. To me it just makes more sense because now I have probably 30 steaks ready to go and all I need to do is thaw and nuke them to eat.

It keeps me many times from going out to get something since it thaws in the vacuum seal faster than it would without it (in about 10min in luke-warm water).

Also, one added benefit was that I had meals to eat last year when the hurricane hit and the power went out for over a week. I actually gained weight during all of that because I never ran out of food that I only had to heat up.


Great, thanks! I'll give that a try. Never used the vacuum sealer before either, so hopefully this works out for me.


cooked meat can fare well in the fridge if your gonna reheat it but as for raw meat better to buy it frozen and keep it frozen or quickly freeze it.


::looks at clock:: leaving in an hour to buy a vacuum sealer


I'd cook it ahead of time too. I usually cook up 6 lbs of chicken and 4 lbs of steak on Sunday and that carries me through the week. I keep them in plastic containers in the fridge. I have a few "spare" ziplock bags of chicken in the freezer that I can pull out and defrost in water or microwave or overnight in the fridge if something comes up unforeseen.

X is right though, meats will defrost better in water if vacuum sealed. Better conductive heat transfer... If I had a bigger freezer I'd consider it. Need to somehow convince the kids and wife that ice-cream and popsicles are not necessary. :slight_smile:


I'm not a fan of cooked frozen meat, but I don't eat near the amount of steak as X.

Definitely look into buying a portion of a partially grass fed cow. I a 1/4 cow this past spring and the taste difference is unbelievable. Plus the cost came out to $1.90 a pound, that's a mix of T-bones, sirloin, roasts and the best burger I've ever had.