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Freezers for Dorm??


I did search for this, so if this has already been asked, pls point me in the right direction. But I'm a college student, living in a dorm. I'm not using a 'meal plan' or anything, as I have a job and would rather cook my own food. I have the biggest fridge possible/allowed in my room, but sadly I barely have enough room in that fridge as it is (save money by buying in bulk), and there is no 'freezer' in it. This is an issue, because I really wanted to be able to stock up on meat when its on sale and stuff, but I really dont have anywhere to keep it. I've looked into buying a deep-freezer type device, but all of them are bigger then the fridge I already have, making it something I'm not allowed to bring in the dorm, nor would it be easy to sneak in. I'd like to find a small one, like microwave sized, maybe a bit bigger, but have searched to no avail. Has anyone used something similiar while in college. and if so, what kind/type did you get? or maybe some alternative ways to be able to keep frozen goods like chicken, steak, ect, while living in a dorm??


The components necessary to make a freezer work probably keep them limited to about 5 cubic feet or larger... that's the smallest I personally have ever seen. In the three years I sold appliances at Lowes.

Anywho... are they REALLY that stingy in your dorms? They weren't in mine...


Doesn't your college have a meal plan?


Obviously it depends on whatever limits you have to work with, but I had a separate freezer in my dorm my freshman year. Certainly wasn't the size of a microwave though.


Well, the thing is I'm an Resident Advisor, so often times the Hall Director makes unexpected visits to my room, just to chat. So I'd have a pretty big chance of getting caught


Yes, I had it last year, didnt really like it for 2 reasons. First off, it's VERY expensive, saves ALOT of oney just buying food myself and cooking it. The other issue is the actual food choice. Basically its all fast food chains on campus, except for one 'dining hall', but that food is very hit and miss. One day they have some good chicken, the next corn dogs. Plus, they have something called 'meatless mondays', which just sucked...


How big was it??



google is your friend... how about a "portable freezer"... its smaller then a deep freezer since its "portable"... kinda pricy though.... why do they care if you have a deep freezer? do they limit the TV size in your room to??


or you can google "minuture freezers"


look, its the size of a microwave....


Meatless Mondays in Kentucky? Weird.

The freezer issue really can't be solved. I guess you could buy a cooler and empty water/add ice every day, if your dorm provides ice machines of course.

Campus food is notoriously disgusting but some times you just have to bite the bullet and eat it.

You could move off campus. I remember splitting a house was cheap! If that doesn't work for you though, hit up the grocery store with a list for eggs, milk/cottage cheese, canned chicken/salmon/tuna and beef jerky. Also, many protein powders are super cheap when you reduce the cost per serving.


Internet high five for boycotting that shit!


But the post right before you solved it.


Um...I don't remember specifics. Small/light enough for me to lift it when it was empty, but big enough that it was awkward to try to carry it? It was probably about as high as my waist...maybe 3, 3.5 feet tall, 2 feet wide? Dunno what your restrictions are, but if they aren't unrealistically small, you can find something that works. I guess a better comparison would be to say that my freezer was slightly larger than my dorm-sized fridge. Was pretty easy to find.


Wow, thanks so much dude. My Google-Fu is very much lacking,didnt even think of throwing 'portable' or 'mini' in the search bar. Really appreciate it.


Houston Guy: Can't move off campus. My job is as a Resident Advisor, I basically 'run' one of the floors in my hall. I got lucky to get the job as a freshmen last year, and it's guarenteed every semester, gives me free room and board (HUGE bonus) and I get paid to be 'on-call', or to basically stay in my roo and study. To good of a set-up to let go of bud, ecspeically for the lack of work I could find before hand in this town.

Kakno: The first time I went in there and basically had to eat brown rice and cereal, instead of this nasty soy thingys, i knew I wouldn't be using meal plans the next semester.

eeu: Yea, see my fridge is the maximum size I'm allowed to have in the dorm, and all the ones I had found (before Ratchet posted) were, like you said BIGGER, so that was where my issue was coming from. But thanks for the help!


Disguise the freezer. Or tell people that it's a turbo encabulator.


Yes, put it in your closet. Run a cord under the door and cover it with dirty clothes.


Memorize this.

Get some geek to put some blinky lights on it. When people ask you what it is start your spiel. . . keep going until they lose their will to ever ask you another question again.


Cover it with souvenir magnets and tell anyone who asks about the freezer that it's a magnet collection display platform.

Or if it's not very tall, put it next to your bed, cover it with a table cloth and call it your night stand.


I actually used an old microwave as a nightstand for quite some time. I did just what was recommended above so you might give that a shot.