Freezer test

What is this freezer test I keep hearing about? What does the juice do when it passes or fails the test?

if it fails the test, it spends another year in third grade.


How about a serious answer, that’s why I came here to ask yall.

What I meant was what happens when the testosterone passes or fails the test? How do you know whether it failed the test. And lastly, does this test only apply to amps or can it be done for vials?

Don’t know but I thought freezing gear was a bad idea…makes it less potent. Thats why drug companies and UG labs say to store at room temp. If I had to guess I would say that maybe the powder comes out of solution? But lets say it does…still does not tell you what the powder actually is, for this a lab test needs done. Which can be done for about $100. I would say buy an extra vial, make sure same lot #'s and send one off for testing. Hope this helps.

Thanks colt-severs. About time I got an honest no-shit response. I just need to know if the Tornell I got is real. The labels are rounded instead of square, and the expiration date is stamped on it (good sign, I think).

freezer test is the oil turns cloudy if the gear is real because the crystals come out of solution at that temp.
hope that helps!

The higher the concentration of ester in solution, especially the shorter chains i.e. prop (because of their increased hydrophillicity), the more easily this will occur. It works well with stuff that has a higher BA content as the dissolvibity of oil is much less sensitive to temperature.

Use it with Sustanon, Test. Props and Tren.

Thanks, yall.