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Freezer in Unheated Garage

Hey folks,

Just bought a small chest freezer a few days ago to allow bulk beef purchases from local farmers.

For now, it is living in our unheated garage (attached to house) backed up to an inside wall. My wife asked if I had any concerns about keeping in the unheated garage. I hadn’t thought it would be a huge concern but would love to get some second opinions from folks that may have their own freezer-in-garage experience.

Our garage generally hovers around 40 degrees (even when it gets very cold outside) so I doubt that it will get below freezing unless we had a prolonged period of VERY cold weather, but it probably will be in the 30’s and 40’s for much of the winter.

I could potentially move it into our laundry room (which is inside the house) but would really prefer to leave in garage if possible.

Any comments?


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It will be fine. It just won’t have to work so hard in winter.


That’s what my meathead brain thought, but I’ve heard/read some folks express concern about the coolant system and thermostat not working properly in super cold temperatures.

No worries I have had mine the same way for years in allot colder weather.

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Mine has seen 7 degrees up to 117. Still chugging along fine. The top has bit of rust on it though. If I ever get another new one, I am waxing it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I had similar concerns about our garage and an old chest freezer we had. You’re a scientist right? Buy a $5 freezer thermometer and every time you go out to get food, check it. That takes any subjectivity out of the process. You can assure your wife that the freezer is still zero degrees and all is well.

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Had a freezer in an unheated garage in northern North Dakota. Got to -60 with wind chill in the winter. It kept food warm in the winter.



There’s at least one really good one right near by. Had one of their hams at Christmas.

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The freezer portion of our outside refrigerator stops working when it’s too cold in the garage. I’d estimate the garage temp is under 30F when the freezer stops.

I’ve always assumed the refrigerator and the freezer work on the same mechanism so if one is on, the other is on too. Likewise if one is off, the other is off. I also assume the thermostat works off the refrigerator temperature and if the fridge never warms up, because it’s too fucking cold in the garage, it won’t kick on and the freezer will begin warming up.

So, if all my conjecture is correct, you don’t have a thing to worry about. Your unit is only a freezer so it should continue to function unless the outside temp drops below your freezer temperature and if it does get that cold you don’t need it clicking on anyway.


Thanks. That was one of the things I had come across in my reading - that this is a bigger concern for combined fridge/freezer units versus just a freezer.

Well, if anything was going to go wrong, now would be the time.

All good?

With that blast you 2 are getting, he only needs a cardboard box :grin:

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Yes, wondering the same. Our issue with a garage freezer isn’t the heat, it’s the cold. Also, any one have a refrigerator in the garage in a v. cold place? Because we have a spare that we don’t use, and I’d dearly love to get the extra beer and soft drinks out of the way. We stock all sorts of stuff we don’t drink in case of company, but it takes up a lot of valuable room. Plus holiday stock-up, etc.

You could always build a wooden frame around an outside fridge/ freezer and insulate it with poly iso foam board. Comes in 4x8 sheets that weigh 5 lbs and be cut to size with a razor knife. Has reflective foal on one side

Just leave a little room on all sides and breathing hole for motor. The motor itself will heat the box or put a heat lamp bulb. Easy fix.