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Freeze Grilled Chicken?


If I bbq chicken on the weekend, can I freeze it after it's cooked? I've had all the George Foreman chx I can stand for a while.


Sure can! I do it all the time so that I have 200-300g portions ready to go.

Cooked chicken will last in a freezer anywhere from 4-6 months. I'd play it safe and eat before 3 months though. Couple of things;

1) Put the chook in the freezer as soon as its cooked - in other words, dont leave it on the kitchen sink for half an hour before you freeze it.

2) Once you have thawed your portion - do not refreeze it! Either eat it or throw it away.


Any cooked food can be frozen for later consumption.

A Food Saver (or similar vacuum sealer) would be a good investment.