Freestyle Workouts

Hey everyone! This is my first post T Nation, or on any forum for that matter,so pretty excited. Just wanted to get some feedback about freestyle training. I’ve been working out for the last 5 years and have had a set program for almost the whole time which was a 3 day split. Mondays and Thursdays were chest and tri’s, Tuesdays and Fridays were back and bi’s and Wednesdays and Saturdays were Legs and shoulders and Sundays were, do I dare say, my rest days. I know that changing things up for better progress is a must and doing that routine for that long has left me unmotivated. I decided just to go into the gym with the intention of just enjoying myself and doing whatever I felt like doing that day, still with the intent to hit all muscle groups in one weak, to re-motivate myself. Any opinions would help greatly. If you’re currently doing this or if you’ve done this in the past. How has it helped your progress/motivation? Is there anything in specific I should know about freestyle workouts to get the most out of them? All feedback is much appreciated. Hope everyone has a great day.

making it up as you go along is fine so long as you are experienced enough to actually make the sessions productive. No one except you can make that call.

One little tip is to keep one exercise in the rotation for every session per muscle group, and use your strength on that to gauge whether or not you’re improving.

So say when you train your chest, you decide to always do incline bench. The rest of the routine you do whatever, but you always incline bench. So long as your incline bench is progressing, you know that your routine is doing what it’s supposed to do.

That make sense? By keeping in the core lift you know whether or not you’re progressing.

Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with making shit up as you go in the gym. All depends on the individual.


Thanks Yogi1 this is great advise and it makes complete sense to me. Keeping a core lift as a constant seems to be a legit way to mark my progress and a way that hadn’t occurred to me until your reply. Not that I haven’t marked my progress before using this technique but when it came to freestyle training it was a thought that didn’t cross my mind. Thank you.

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