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Freestyle Periodization?

Hi folks,
I don´t know if you know the term.
I FIRST read this in the beyond bodybuilding book of pavel tsatsouline_the evil russian_you sure know the guy.
he is more a specialist on strength and functional mass than bb but adresses following guidlines for doin it:

_stay mostly in the 4-12 rep zone,every 3 weeks a workout above 12 or under 4 is ok.
-the highest volume should be about 150 per body part per week.
-variate the volume each worout(NOT LINEAR)-the lowest unit should be the half of the highest.
-every 4th week deload
-variate the reps each time but stay in a specific zone:4-6,10-12,8-10 etc.
-variate the weight each set(wave-NOT LINEAR) and the proximity to failure
-sequential development-a higher volume and intenstiy followed by a taper is a good thing to do sometimes
-Variate the exercises every bout 6 weeks

It reminds me a bit of a undulated training scheme.
I was thinking now bit longer bout this stuff and think to try it-the reason:
It seems that the natural people in my gym,(there are NOT much they really exist)have no clue bout periodization they didn´t even know the damn name.They just train the way they feel and are making progress.

I always thought why this is possible-perhaps they do uncouscious freey style periodization.One workout 10 reps and 10 sets,the other one 5 reps and 5 sets and so on.

So you have sharp changes in volume,intensity and reps-not that bad huh?
Also on abc bodybuilding is a quite good artcle bout undulated training.
#I don´t want to mix the 2 terms,but for me undulated training is a constantly manipulation in the paramters-to avoid adaption and to gain strength mass whatever.

I used to train with Chad’s set rep bible-which is really great-but it don´t work anymore-to be honest,it worked only one time.
I did the AOW which really busted my plateau-after that I lost my strength cause of a switch to sth.else.

After that I tried to go back to Chad’s approach: i had the idea to switch after 6 weeks bewtween the 36-50 volume paramter(only hypertrophy) and the paramter for max strenght.(9-15).

I thought it was good contrast-for hypertr.i would stay in the 6-12 rep zone 70-80% of 1rpm and 1-2min rest.
For max strength 2-5 reps,volume 9-15 and rest 3min and above.
(ALL whole body 3x the week-hypertr.was the prescribed volume for all muscle groups-the max strength parameters only compound of course)

Perfect contrast: sharp change in volume,reps,rest and weight.
The sense why I din´t switched bewtween 24-36 volume(strength and hypertr.) and 9-15 is,that after a max strength phase I need a catch up under 80%-otherwise I will burn out.

I got my old strength back after a hypertr./max strength rotation and then I started over with the second 36-50 cycle-other exercises etc-but I wasn´t able to gain stength anymore-nutrition is in check.

I don´t know what I did wrong-I thought I founded sth to rotate some longer time-and it sounds logical to me.
I still don´t know why it didn´t worked out and I am not able to top my strength suxcess after the aow suxcess.through the above mentioned approach i was only able to get my old strenght back,but not to top it(like the mass-equal situation)

Cause i am nearly training 10 years and got a hard time to build some mass (please NO!!! discussion bout my strength levels,stats etc-they are ok but not sky rocking and should NOT be the contents of this discussion-it don´t help me if I give YOU my best lifts in squat bench etc-interesting for you-not helpful for me)
perhaps its time to train more instinctive and freey style orientated.

I thoght about followin:
I nevertheless really like the whole body approach and Chad’s bible-I though of following:
EVERY workout sth different,another exercise,another set number,rep number but with the following guidelines:

VOLUME:20-6o (no 24-50? the numbers are not set in stone and via that I have a bit larger playroom-but it still should be in the hypertr.zone)
weight:65-90%of 1rpm

Each intensity/volume paring has there purpose:
intensity volume
low high
medium high
high high
medium low
high low
… …

FEX medium medium are bread and butter in training HIGH HIGH is great followed by a taper.
How would a train day would look like?
I would hit the gym-without a training diary (i used to have the thing nealry 8 years of my life)but I think-“hey why stick to a plan-my psychological and physiological condition is unpredictable-lets hit the iron”

Please don´t think i HAVE NO CLUE what I am doin-I train with the guidlines above-so I stick to a pattern,but adapting it to my daily condition.
SO if i feel strong I pick heavy weight and think of sticking to 5 reps this day and doin bench.I load up the plates and reping out beeing the last rep the one before I hit failure.

Lets say this would be 8x5 with 75% of 1 rpm and 2 min rest.
The next session I would pick perhaps dumbell incline and would do 2x12 with 80% of my 1 rpm and 3 min rest.and so on…

Further more I had the impression,that I am already used to this volume.Of 36-50.After my last sessions I felt quite like “my tank is left with 70%” I know you shouldn´t work till you die when doin whole body3x the week-but I could do more.

Thats why I thought of slowly involving more exercsies-starting with push one day and pull the other.(please no high freqeuncy 2xdaily session discussion-i can only hit the gym3x the week-point.)
Building up finally to 2 more movements each session.

The other way was the idea of specializing for one moth for one group.Means simple doin one additional exercsise for the desired group-again with the parameters above.For 6 weeks-then changing the group.

Sorry the post is too long-and i have not the great style to write entertaining stuff like TC.

The people of you who read it-THANX.
A short note to my self experiment will be really great.
I don´t think its mile breaking but perhaps a intersting and undertandable experiment with perhaps surpprisingly results…