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Free XBOX 360?


Hey everyone, Check out this site
Click here: http://xbox360s.freepay.com/

You get like 8 people to sign up for one of their affiliate offers and you receive a free xbox 360, i know a guy at work that did it and its the real deal. What I did was sign up for the 30 day free trial of RealArcade and then canceled after about a week to make sure i received credit for participating in the offer. You'll have to sign up with your debit or credit card info but you won't be charged anything as long as you cancel before the 30 day period is up and some of the offers are actually not bad. This site was featured on FOX4, CNN, and MSNBC. Free 360, count me in!!!

Take Care!

p.s.- Make sure not to sign up multiple accounts from the same computer and don't use the same mailing address cause they watch for stuff like that.

[Mod Note: I've taken out the referral code, so if any people do sign up, you won't be getting a free xbox by spamming your link here.]


TSB. These things are stupid, there is the same sort of site for Ipods, TVs, whatever. I notice if we register through your link you get points or something for it. Nice. It's the classic pyramid scheme/chain letter setup.


If I remember correctly, when person A signs up, and if person A directly gets 8 people (the number probibly varys) to sign up, person A gets a free [insert item here]. Each of those people that he gets to sign up have to find 8 new people.

When you sign up, it can be a number of things, ie, they can spam you, or as he is saying its a trial of something.

Regardless, you still get something for (almost) nothing.

Too bad its only in the USA.


Hey bro, I'm not trying to screw anyone here, I understand your skepticism, if you don't believe it will work or that something bad will happen just don't do it. My co-worker received his 360 from doing this so i figured why the hell not, if it works out right it could be a sweet deal for everyone. Even though he received his, I'm still a little skeptical cause it just seems too good to be true. I'm not trying to get people into a pyramid scheme and make millions of dollars, i know that shit doesn't work, plus i don't mind real work to earn my living.


Good call!

It's great that you found something cool on the net dude, but how good do you think this place would be if they let everyone promote their favorite referral programs here?

There are sites on the net that do that... unfortunately, nobody goes to them except by mistake.


Your co-worker ALREADY received his 360 my ass.


BS! I said it first! He gets all his cards back, right?

Besides, Xbox 360 isn't worth it. It's like going from dating a fat skank (Xbox) to dating a regular skank (Xbox360) Either way, you're better sticking to the Revolution or PS3


Sony fanboy?
what makes this statement true. i own a 360 and it is all its cracked up to be.

the ps3 is going to kick ass once they redisign the controller nuf said.

nintendo better do the same, the controller doesnt even make sense, its like they're trying to go the way of atari,sega.


i wouldnt doubt it this launch it seemed like M$ was to busy trying to promote the system by giving hundreds of consoles to companys so they can give them away (MTV gave everyone in its audience and then some a premium pack), instead of shipping them to the stores to make all the people who reserved one got it. oh well got mine :slight_smile:


[Mod Note: I've taken out the referral code, so if any people do sign up, you won't be getting a free xbox by spamming your link here.]

didn't look at it that way, sorry to come accross as a spammer!


computer operations support specialist

And you didn't notice that the link was going to give you credits?

Remind me not to call you for computer support. <:wink:

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