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Free World Has a New Leader


Benjamin Netanyahu.

He made the speech at the UN that Obama should have made.

Hope Obama enjoyed the applause from all the cutthroats and murderers in the audience.


Do you have any bites or transcripts? I missed it. Now you got me all interested and stuff.




Sure. And notice how much more of a MAN he is, than our twerp.


So HH, you were listening to Levin yesterday too?


Right. He was the only one with true historically based conviction, and passion. There was a time when our preidents had this kind of stage presence in pushing for freedom and human rights. Now, our president talks about being fair, diversity, disarming and new world order.


That's because he's a fool. Long legged mack daddy, haha!


I though Netanyahu gave an excellent speech, I do not blame Obama for not walking out; there has been too much war because our leaders did not have the intelligence to talk rather than fight.

I personsonally do not hold Netanyahu harmless, Israel has made many deals that they have reneged on,

I like most Americans would rather have a state like Israel rather than Palistine, but in my opinion we should not be Israelâ??s puppet.


Obama could endorse a plan laid out by Bush for him to follow and HH would have a big problem with the plan because it was Obama enforcing the plan.

Open your eyes HH. The Dems and repuglicans are the same.


Netanyahu claimed Amedinajad made the claim that the holocaust never happened, unless this translation is incorrect it never happened.


I am surprised i have heard from no anti Obama people


Of coarse you did.




Amedinajad has made the claim several times that the holocaust never happened or was greatly exagerated (he has made both claims), just not in his speech at the UN this time. One of the first things he did when elected was call a conference to prove to the world that the holocaust never happened. Netanyahu was shaming the people who stayed and listened to Amedinajad in general for giving him an audience.

but you probably already know all of this