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Free Workout for Lurkers!


Names AK-physiotherapist from Sydney - currently following WSP so it'll be good to be able to post some feedback. Love T Nation keep up the good work. Sorry about the lurking....


long time lurker, i suppose its time to come out from the shadows...


"New Customers Only"

This reminds me of the adverts we have here in the UK by a bank taking the piss out of other banks for not allowing existing customers access to their best deals.


OK OK OK Been reading for a long time and following some workouts form here. Must say I have made more progress using these workouts than any others. Will continue reading every day. Love this sight. Spend way too much time on here.


I've been registered for quite some time, and I've purchase some Surge and Metabolic Drive from "the store", but I don't usually post . . . .


December 23rd edition of The Dose.


Did your first post here have a picture of you posing with a NitroTech container?

May God have mercy on your soul...


Good thing you started this thread, i signed a long time ago but i don't think i've ever posted even though i've been buying Biotest products for a while too. Anyways i would like to give you guys a big "thank you" for giving us such a good site and informations.

And good move sponsering GSP who, by the way, might be a coach on the next season of "the ultimate fighter".


I pretty much lurk, but on occasion I will post in the Author's locker room. I am excited to see this workout from CW.


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I have been lurking for quite some time now, as i have to admit. i know that there is no excuse for that, but i just never happened to see the desire to post anything due to my rather little knowledge.
anyway, i would like to introduce myself- i am 18 years old 6' tall, weigh around 185 lbs and am currently training with a self-made system. this means that i currently use 3 total body workouts a week with an undulating periodization.
okay, this is it for now.


I am now here.....lurker free....


My name is Mike and I just stumbled across this site last week. I am still reading alot of the articles and learning what I can do to improve my workouts. This site came at a good time for me because I just started working out 3 weeks ago after years of being a lard azz. So I have allready set the wheels in motion and now I have more information to make sure I am not wasting my time and energy! Thanks in advance for the PM'd workout, as I am always looking for ways to switch things up!


Hello, the name is Nathan in case you haven't guessed by the Username. Anyway I have been reading on the site for a couple of months now, and I am ready to start bulking.

Thanks for all the info,


I signed up ages ago but have never posted. Do I still count as a Lurker? I am supposed to be getting a newsletter? I missed it. How do I tell which email address I used when I signed up? Maybe it is on an old one that I no longer use and my newsletter is off in the ether somewhere. Thanks.


Lurking for a couple of months.. Thanks for the free workout.


Click "customize" at the top of the page, then "Save and edit profile." You can check your email addy there and make sure you opted to get emails from T-Nation. After you make changes, hit "submit."


Hi, I been reading here for 2-3 months posted one post and one PM :slight_smile:


I have been on for a few months and I just started posting. This site is awesome


Hi all you guys and gals at T-Nation!

Been reading the site for a couple of months now and have to say it has really encouraged me to start taking this whole weight lifting game a bity more seriously.