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Free Workout for Lurkers!


Are you a . . . lurker?

Do you read T-Nation but never post? Have you never got around to signing up as a member, even though it's free? You bastard.

Don't worry, we're going to bribe you anyway. If you have never signed up as a member (so you can post, chat with the authors, get our free newsletter, and buy stuff from the store), then here's the deal. Click on "customize" at the top of this page. Then click "Save and Edit Profile" and personalize your T-Nation experience. Be sure to opt to receive emails from T-Nation so you'll get the newsletter.

Once you're all signed up and de-lurked, reply to this thread (click the "r" in the triangle on the right), and say something, introduce yourself, whatever.

If you do, we'll PM (private message) you with an exclusive Chad Waterbury workout that's never appeared on the website. Brand new members only!

Sign up now and reply!


Hi there,

Long time reader, first time poster.

Just finished Waterbury's HFS and experienced great gains on it, the prospect of another, previously unseen workout by Chad gave me the motivation to post!

Thanks for all the info T-Nation!

Thanks for the routine, looks interesting


Hi. My name is Boz and I'm a lurker. I've been lurking on and off for the last 2 years and have been hitting this site more heavily the last 6 months. It seems the more I read the more I want. Please help me...I think I've got an addiction.


How about PM a workout so I don't have to use an alt-nic :slight_smile:


OK you got me.... Now I'm Official.


The workout the de-lurkers are getting was included in a very early edition of The Weekly Dose: the T-Nation newsletter. So, long-time members have seen it, just not new members.


hey, been lurkin for about 6 months, thank God for this site, or i'd still be doing overtraining instead of the 12 pounds of muscle that ive gained, and i can always use a well made workout plan, thanks.


Hi everybody! Okay, so my Dr. Nick impression is better in person - make with the free workout.

I signed up a couple of weeks ago and honestly didn't have anything to say, so good idea - I may never have posted if it weren't for this thread.

T-Nation, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


I've been lurking for a little under a year, and actually just signed up maybe 1-2 days ago, cuz I figured it was time.

Nothing impressive to say really, but after a couple years of uselessly treading water workout-wise, I've finally started to make some strength gains thanks to this site.

So thanks!



I've been reading T-Nation for about 18 months, but I rarely post. Hopefully now I will involve myself more in the T-Nation community!


damn lurking wierdos, you give me the creeps. now where's my latex unitard and hockey mask?


Hey, I've been "lurking" for about 3 months and just signed up as a member a month ago and only posted a couple times. Definitely a lot of great knowledge on this site!!!


Hi there.

I've been lurking on the site for the better part of a year now. Guess I can't pass up the offer of free stuff :slight_smile:


Okay, okay, you got me out of the shadows...

Thanks for the invite!


Okay, fine ... you got me. No more lurking for me.


I've enjoyed soaking up the info here at T-Nation while having returned to training last year after a few years of laziness.

I look forward to looking over the program from CW.



I can't seem to find this hidden workout in my T-Nation newsletters.


hey everybody whats up, i have been lurking for about 9-10 months.learn something new everyday on here, really a great site.

ive been registered for a while but never posted


Well, this is my first post. Been reading for over a year, it's about time I signed up. Can't wait for that workout.


Been lurking a while now. Over a year, I believe. Good stuff.