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Free Weights in Apartment?


Living in Colorado there’s always a chance that you can get snowed in (even though it melts within 2 days after).

I found a great deal to get a barbell and 160lbs worth of bumper plates (205 total weight). I know not big weight at all.

But I was thinking I could get this and use this if I ever get snowed in or can’t make it to the gym. At least I have 160lb worth of weights to use to maybe do complexes or high volume work.

To me this seems like this amount of weight wouldn’t make a different because I wouldn’t be dropping it and a lot of my friends are in that 160-230lb range, so I’m guessing it wouldn’t be an issue. I live on the 2nd floor.

Do you think it’s OK for me to get this much weight? Does anyone else here live in an apartment and has a bit of weights?

Any advice would be appreciated!


I’d call the fattest woman you know and ask her to do some jumping jacks. If she falls through the floor, don’t buy the weights.


Haha! I think I’m just a bit paranoid lol


If you can control the weights and use something to cushion the possible noises, I don’t see any problems. I’ve done it in the past living in an old wooden house on the second floor.


Thanks man! I was thinking I wouldn’t even be putting the weight down.

I would literally only use it for:

Front squat, lunges, RDL
Overhead, push press
Power cleans


I was thinking of getting the bar and bumpers and the Alight mobile training center rack.

Seems like it would be perfect for an apartment.


Jesus skullf*ckin Christ you can get an actual power rack for the same price. If I were you, I’d check out YouTube. There’s a ton of Do It Yourself style videos for self made workout equipment that you can literally screw together from plumbing appliances straight from a hardware store.


I have the vulcan racks rather than the air light, but still a great product and very portable. I think you would be pleased with it.


I think the portability and the lightness really appeals to me. I know it’s a huge cost for a rack, but I figured I could always use a rack at the gym and use the portable stands at my house.


Thanks man! I’ve read great reviews about all the iron mind products!


Being light, portable and durable are qualities that drive up the cost a lot. Personally I would not invest in an piece of equipment that costs that much if I had access to a gym. If I was building a home gym however, I would be all over that rack.


My work provides me free access to a fully stocked gym and I still buy this stuff, haha. Can’t put a price on not having to share.


Get to know you downstairs neibor, your going to make a little noise, make sure their not some tweaker, who thinks your building a time machine. I work nights so i am up till 3am a lot, my new neibor says he can here but it dosent interupt his sleep, as i said it doesn’t bother me when his dog howls in the morning when he goes to work.


Got 160lbs worth of bumpers and a 20kg barbell. Perfect amount for a 2nd floor apartment. Basically if I’m ever stuck at home I’ll be able to do front squats, rdl, ohp, clean & press, Bb row, bb curl, etc. and all sort of complexes. Not bad in a pinch and good quality so once I get a home, it’ll be there for the home gym.


Good stuff man. Enjoy!