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Free Weights Are EVIL! Update

I had a meeting with my two superiors and I think I broke a blood pressure record. My immediate supervisor wants more machines and treadmills because that’s what people use in real world fitness centers (or at least the one she claims she goes to). She also claims that other PE staff and school faculty don’t like using the free weights or instucting free weight exercises. Isn’t the whole idea of teaching to TEACH them how to perform exercises that are the most beneficial and get the best results? The head of the department at least wants to try and meet somewhere in the middle. We offer weight training for PE and have an after school strength and conditioning program that I run (just some background). Well sorry for the rant. I’m still jacked up from the meeting so I’m going to go lift and throw some weight around.


man, i’ve read this post a couple of times … i want to write something helpful, but i don’t know what …

the best advice i have is to point this at Dan John, our T-Yoda!


I don’t know either. Pretty much tell them that they are gutting the weight room, and machines are for pussies.

I know you can’t do that…but find some eloquently put info on why free weights are better…I mean, you may as well get rid of things and have students do pushups and squats. Better that than use machines and stairmasters…

And they wonder why obesity is an epidemic in this country…

Machines have their place…and their place is with people who injured and need rehabilitation. If they don’t need that, then they need free weights. People today want the body and mentality of Athletes but they want to put in as little work as possible. Machines are simple and easy learn, so just force feed this on people. That way, they know nothing but Squatting with Smith Machines and Curling in machines. And when it comes time to moving something, your body replies with a big F U and you’re just stuck.

Sorry to mess up ur thread, but i’ll summarize…Long Live Free Weights

A stern letter from Dan John would help

or even send him around, if we all send you $1 each then you could afford to ship Dan in to “educate them”