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Free Weakly T Levels


Been lurking around for awhile, having trouble finding answers.

History: When I was a teenager had an auto immune response that started breaking down red blood cells. 2 weeks of coma and 50lbs of weight loss later I survived. Before this I was very active in lifting, I was emulating my neighbor and also my dad who were a power lifters. I had issues for years after this as my immune system was messed up but also noticed working out was pointless, no strength gain at all. After some other issues popped up I asked my doctor to test Testosterone levels, it and came back as not enough to test, second test came back 80. Been on Test C for almost a year and a half and have couple issues.

When we cut back my does (200mg/week) I break out in horrible acne across my shoulders. Not normal acne stuff either, nodules which freaking hurt like death. My mood is crap and sex drive is junk. Switching to 100mg/every 4 days to see if it helps, as about day 5 I start breaking out, then day after injection starts to clear up. Since being on Test C I have way more energy, mood has improved, acne cleared up, I don't think I've been sick since(This could be contributed to a healthier diet since I been taking T, or something else, I don't know but rare for me not to be sick). I actually have all new PR's on all lifts for the first time in 10 years.

So after all that junk, my questions:
1. Whats considered unsafe high for Free Weakly T, mine was 63h (9-46 is the range)and 658 ng/dl (40-250) 2nd to last test I received. My Test serum levels are always in the norm high range at around 9-1000. Doc tests 2-3 days after I inject.
2. My estradiol levels have been high the last two times I test but I think its just a spike. I have anastrozole, should I just take .25 mg the day of, or day after injecting?
3. Do I have any side effects I should watch out for? I feel uninformed about this and most forums that do discuss dosing are for steroids and in larger amounts than I take.

Everything I found just listed Test Serum levels and just mentions that FW is what actually matters but doesn't mention numbers. Family doc is great but I think is all new territory for him and me.

PS if I didn't give information on something just let me what else I need to post. I debated not posting as feel silly asking this stuff but searching for a month and want to make sure I'm doing the safe/right thing.