Free Vitamin D!

Not sure how long this is going on, but Walmart is giving away free Vitamin D. 400IU, 90 caps. Get 'em while there’s still some around!

Go outside.

Nice idea, but I wish they were in softgel form. Guess most tablets are poorly absorbed.

From the article:

“I bought some vitamin D on sale. They were white tablets.”
Time and again, patients in my office who initially have had successful vitamin D replacement, despite being reminded that only oil-based forms should be taken, switch to tablets. While they initially showed a 25-hydroxy vitamin D blood level, for instance, of 67 ng/ml on 8000 units per day with an oil-based capsule, they switch to a tablet form and the next blood level is 25 ng/ml. In other words, tablets are very poorly or erratically absorbed.

I have had people use tablets successfully, however, by taking their vitamin D tablets with a teaspoon of oil, e.g., olive oil. Oil is necessary for full absorption.

You will get exactly what you pay for - It is garbage!

Vitamin D is fat-soluble, if you don’t ingest in with fat, then it won’t be absorbed.
Fat>Vit D>Calcium

so take it with fishoil?

I take my D3 with my scrambled eggs in the morning.

vitamin D in a chewable? Weird.