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Free/Total Testosterone Levels

Hi all,

got a bunch of bloodwork back to make sure im not hurting myself!

blood pressure and cholesterol on the higher end of the normal or no risk ranges.

Testosterone levels.
They only managed to test me for free test levels, not total.
they gave me a number - 17.1 and a range 10-30 for normal levels. I think its in PG/ML.

Ive read all about it and most of the people ive seen talk about 12.0 etcetc, but id rather get the T-Nation perspective on whats ‘normal’ whats ‘good’ and what an athelete would prefer his levels to be at.

Is there any way you can derive total test levels from the free test levels figure? or are they independant?

by the way im 24 and I know i dont need to be worrying about this, but id like to see for myself the differences eating red meat and taking alot of exercise make to these figures.


Testosterone is totally normal and fine for a 24yr old guy.

Red meat won’t have a huge effect on your cholesterol either. Exercise is shown to help reduce LDL and a healthy diet with fish oil, healthy fats etc etc (which you are hopefully following) should improve HDL.

Why not post up all of the results - total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL and HDL - for us to look at? You shouldn’t worry too much about total cholesterol - just try to keep LDL down and HDL nice and high.

High, at the time of the tests I wasnt 100% on exactly what i was looking for, and they gave me exactly what i asked for and no more.

I would have figured that asking for a testosterone test would give me the both total and free levels, but it didnt ! lol.


blood pressure:
5.8 (dont know the unit)

testosterone (fairly sure this is the ‘free’ testosterone reading):


So, no triglycerides or HDL and LDL levels.

Next time I go ill specify tests for those and for total testosterone.

Can anyone give me an indication of what a ‘good’ t nation level of testosterone is?

at 17.1 free test am I fine, or should I be following the gazillion guides the article section has on test boosting (with diet and exercise - not suppliments)