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Free to Chose:TV Series by Milton Freidman


Anyone here ever see it? I'm willing to be your average college age Obama voter didn't.

I'm going to order it for my kids. It might be the only thing I ever saw worth my time on PBS..


I haven't seen it but I've read the book. Report back on how you like it.


I loved it, I actually watched it when it came on. I was a junior in high school suffering from malaise. You know how I caught that disease.

It's time for Katie and tom Jr., my 14 year old twins to see it. They dominate their classmates already in these kind of debates at school, now it's for them to get advanced lessons.


I only read the book long ago - I remember it was more than a bit of an eye opener, sort of like reading the road to serfdom for the first time. So, it was on PBS??? - wow, a different time I guess.

Someone a few weeks back posted his interview with Phil Donahue - absolutely priceless.


it is still on ze interwebz:



been meaning to read the book but this is a good substitute in the meanwhile great link


The 80's and 90's versions are slightly different (with different discussion panels). I think both versions are very good and I'd recommend them to anyone.

Free to Choose is a great book as well. I would recommend that as a first book to anyone. A lot of people recommend Road to Serfdom as a good book to give to someone but I think it's a bit too heavy going for a first timer. Free to Choose is interesting and easy to understand.

Also, if people are looking for a book to give to their kids, try 'The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible'.