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Free Things


I wasn't sure where to put this, so i did it here. often i flip through
muscle mags and the one constant is
offers for free suplements(protein, fat
burners, test boosters.etc...) do you send in for these free samples or do you not order free samples due to your
loyalty to Biotest? and this isnt about
loyalty, it's about free samples. i have ordered in the past some were ok
like muscle milk and some were bad like
eas protein. this isnt about product
bashing, it's about honest thoughts and opinions and lets hear them!



Um, my loyalty lies with getting me the best/most/cheapest stuff I can.

Biotest has some great stuff, there's other stuff I need/want they dont' make.

And free samples always kick serious ass.


Unless a company wants to sponsor me I don't owe my loyalty to anyone.

Who in their right mind would turn down a free sample?


Tim Patterson mentioned in the past that free samples really don't lead to any increase in sales, so I wouldn't hold your breath for any Biotest samples anytime soon.

However, over the years I have received numerous "freebies" with my Biotest orders (shirts, bars, water bottle, Spike bullet, etc). This is always much appreciated and I think it's a better use of freebies than the mass giveaways to the public.



Well said, gives already loyal clients a chance to try stuff they may not otherwise have ordered on their own... That being said that last freebie I got of Metabolic Drive was appreciated, but now I know they are not for me.



I would have to agree. No one OWES their loyalty to any company. Loyalty is earned, and for me, Biotest has done just that.