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Free Testosterone Levels

Hello Guys,

I’m new here. I’m 28 years old who works out at least 5 days a week. I have been working out for almost 3 years now, but I’m unsatisfied with my results. I feel some of the symptoms of low testosterone and so I took Everlywell Men’s Health Test to test my free testosterone levels. I got the results saying that my Free testosterone levels are 91 pg/mL. Looks like I’m at the lower end of normal range. I’ve read online that 91 pg/mL is pretty low for my age. Does anyone have any idea about this? Is my Free T-levels too low for my age? Any suggestions and recommendations?

Their recommended Free T levels: Low - < 49.0, Normal - 49.0 to 185.0, High - > 185.0

Thanks in Advance!

Get a blood test. Those saliva tests aren’t reliable.


Get full blood work done. Certain supplements (Vit. D, DHEA) can help if you are low on them.

Studies have shown that supplementing with said supplement will not improve your levels if you are already at a good level, but if you are low bringing them to optimal can improve your testosterone levels.

You are not super low, maybe low normal. Look to the simple stuff first. Consider your training (do you push really hard?). If so you may respond better to 4 days a week.

Beat me to it!

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In reality to relieve low testosterone symptoms you need to be above midrange, these normal ranges are where the population are scoring and have nothing to do with you. You have your own normal range and unless you tested testosterone at 21 or at your best physically, no one will know what normal is for you.

That’s why if you have all the classic signs and symptoms, than you more than likely have low testosterone. The problem is the insurance companies and sick care doctors like to play games and tell you you’re normal all while your experiencing all the classic symptoms and scoring low normal.

Most doctors would rather not be involved at all with TRT.

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Thank you so much. I push myself hard in the gym but yet I feel I’m unable to get results as others do. Thats when I started researching and I noticed some low testosterone symptoms. I should definitely get my full blood work done soon.

yes thats true. Its frustrating if you work hard and wont get desired results. I will do a full blood work done soon to see whats happening inside my body. Thanks!

I hardly have to work hard to see muscle gains, I’ve seen guys go on TRT and smash through a barrier that was previously out of reach prior to TRT.

You don’t see testosterone decline from overtraining, big advantage. Your best bet is to seek care outside of sick care, private doctors who focus less on numbers and more on keeping you healthy is far more advantageous for your long term health.

Sick care likes to wait until your sick before doing anything, this is more profitable, preventive health care keeps you from getting sick and is less profitable and doctors in the area of medicine care more about their patients.

The studies show only 5% of men with low testosterone get treatment, it’s absolutely intentional. If 30 percent of the population went on TRT who where low T, that would shave off billions of dollars from big pharmas profit in the next 10-20 years.

Big pharma and the insurance companies has huge leverage over prescribing doctors.

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Hello Guys,
Just an update. I got my blood work done to test my testosterone levels. I got the results saying that my Total testosterone levels are 461 NG/DL (Normal Range 264 - 916). And my Free Testosterone levels are 7.6 PG/ML ( Normal Range 9.3 - 26.5). Looks like I’m at the lower end of normal range for Total T levels and I’m in low range for Free T levels. I’ve read online that these levels are pretty low for my age. Are my T levels I really low for my age?

Any suggestions and recommendations on how to raise them?

Thanks in Advance!

Not great levels for 28 years old. How is your sleep? How is your diet? Do you train heavy?

You answered your own question, your Free T is outside the reference ranges. Your main problem is your SHBG is likely high which is binding up your testosterone like a great big sponge, don’t bother trying to manipulate your SHBG levels as you will fail.

TRT will lower SHBG and increase Free T, but please don’t go to any ordinary doctor, locate a doctor that specializes in this area of medicine.

hey bro, Thanks for your reply. My sleep is not perfect because I often wake up in the middle of the night sometimes. Regarding my diet, I do follow a high protein, moderate fat and low carb diet. Sometimes I do carb cycling just to reset my body. And I do push/pull/leg workout and try to push myself harder. I have been training working out for the past 3 years without taking any long breaks. My main concern is with my belly fat, no matter what I do I cannot get rid of it. I’ve been experiencing low testosterone symptoms recently such as no morning wood, less libido and lack of confidence and motivation, and less cognitive skills. That’s when I took this testosterone test to find out that I’m in low in my T and Free T levels. My Free T levels are way below the normal range. I badly want to bring my Free T levels back now, and I’m not sure If I can do that naturally. Any advice helps. Thanks!

Thanks for your response. Can I lower my SHGB levels naturally? I don’t want to try TRT yet as it has its own pros and cons.


How much sleep are you getting? Do you snore? Also, what about alcohol consumption or any other drugs or medications? How is blood pressure?

Perhaps a little, but not by a large enough margin to increase Free T to healthy optimal levels.

Of all the men who wanted to lower SHBG naturally, all have failed without TRT.

It’s TRT or BUST unless you can change your genes.

hey, sorry for my late response. I try to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. But I should say that I have problems with having a sound sleep. I do snore and I have a deviated septum problem, which makes my breathing difficult at nights, sometimes. I seldom drink alcohol and I never took any drugs or medications. I’m currently taking multivitamin, Omega 3 and Vitamin D supplements. I’m not sure about my blood pressure, never checked it.

Thanks for your response. I think I’m still not ready for TRT yet. But I’ll consider it as my last resort.

Do you have sleep apnea? Have you had a sleep study done?

I don’t know if I have sleep apnea. How can I do a sleep study?

If you had sleep apnea you would expect to see high hematocrit levels, it’s the body attempting to increase oxygen do to oxygen deprivation during disruptive sleep.

A sleep study involves wearing a medical device while you sleep, breather tubes are inserted through your nose.

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