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Free Testosterone Levels Above High End

I finally convinced my primary care physician to check my Free Testosterone. She previously said it was unnecessary because my Total was in line.
This is on Androgel, 2 pumps per day. I fear she is going to want to reduce my dose (I was actually hoping to increase it)

What are the risks (if any) of Free Testosterone outside of the high end range?

How do you feel currently? That’s the question.

Some people have symptoms with Free T levels outside the reference ranges, others can actually show more benefits.

Just remind her of the previous statement, that it is unnecessary because your Total was is line.

Thanks for the feedback guys!

I suppose it would depend on why it is high and how high. For example, 1172 could indicate the possibly of a hormone producing tumor. At 172, I’d consider that good, especially if you are doing well.