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Free Testosterone Is Low


i am 48 and my testosterone level was 700. i had a more in depth test and my t level was 397. my free t was 6.5 which my doc said was good. i will have more figures next week. why did the overall testosterone go down and is my free t really low? i want to start taking DHEA. are there other supps that will actually raise my test level?


problem with taking DHEA is that it may not raise your testosterone levels...it is unpredictable and may be converted into other hormones. I am not sure why the testosterone had such a difference can you be more specific? like how much time passed between both blood tests? what are the ranges of these blood tests? did you do anything that was strenuous before your second blood test? did you take one test at a different time of a day than the other (like the second one later in the day)? add in any medications? do you have symptoms of low testosterone (inability to gain muscle, low libido, breast tenderness, mood swings, etc.)?


going to the Doctors tomorrow. was not taking nettle root or ZMA. have mood swings, fatigue/ fogginess , memory problems. looking to find a natural test booster.


ok here is the blood work,
potassium 3.4 and 3.9
chloride 100 and 101
bicarbonate 25 and 26
anion gap 11 and 11
glucose 125 and 91
BUN 11 and 12
creatinine /blood .9 and 1.1
gfr >60 both
C reactive protein 0.1 both

these are from one test only
FSH 12.5
TSH 2.69
Free t4 1.19
Anti thyroid peroxidase A 19.6
SHGB 39.3
TEST 347
my testosterone was 700 ,


Natural test boosters didnt work for me, I tried Horny goat weed, Tribulus and 19-anabol testo by USN.
They did nothing, all were used at a high dose.
My serum test was 5.12, then it was 5.44 but only because my LH and FSH rose. Not due to the natural test boosters. Theyre bollocks.


I just posted a thread with some of the things I've tried and bloodwork results.