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Free Test: Tricky Situation w/Doc


Okay so with as few details as possible heres the situation

On TRT for two months now, Just had follow up lab and my test levels dropped since starting TRT.

To start my levels were 292 of total T, On this follow up lab my levels were 202. Quite the difference. TO start I was on 200mg every two weeks. I timed the secondary lab to be right before my upcoming shot. The goal being to get the lowest levels possible for the the lab results to get more T prescribed. Well it fucking worked.

So at this follow up appointment, I told the doc I feel good after the shot but only for a few days then I feel horrible for a week until my next shot. I politely asked him about getting the shot once a week with home injections to cut back on office inflow if that helped them out at all. He pulled out his phone looked something up then said "no no no its says here to only do them once every two weeks, im going to bump you up to 250mg once every two weeks. Also no home shots you have a history of marijuana abuse and that wouldnt be good for you to do."

This guy is a jackass, you guys warned me about how terrible some docs are but god damn.

Okay heres where my thread title comes into play. When I first started TRT He gave me a sript for a 10ML bottle of 200mg/ml T CYP. Now, he told me to bring the bottle in and we can use that medicine to inject. So after the script is filled, I go into my next scheduled appt for the shot and say to the nurse heres my medication. She says we have our own supply here you dont need to bring your own in. I politely comply and take the medication the office has and slip my bottle into my pocket. Two weeks later I show up and get the offices supply of T while mine sits safely at home. then my appt with the doctor comes up, and the meeting takes place without mention of the dual supply of Testosterone.

So, now I have an extra bottle of Testosterone sitting safely at home. I am thinking seriously about doing a home injection of 250mg on the weeks I dont visit the office. I have a couple questions regarding that.

Is that a good estimated dose considering the limited knowledge you have about my particular situation?

Will this doctor become privy to his fuck up and ask me about my supply he scripted me? He seems like an airhead so I dont think he will, but, if he does and it has been tampered with would he kick me off the program and blacklist me or some shit?


Interesting idea but you would loose what muscle you put on after supply is exhausted. I would be more concerned about taking 250mg eow with no AI to prevent estrogen build up . Look for another dr to let you home inject . Eow is not a good way to do TRT .


The odds of him eventually figuring out may not be high, but if he does you're probably screwed. I don't think he could exactly "black list" you, but he could put in your medical file that it happened. The first thing your next doc might do is get a copy of that file, and if he sees that in it he'll treat you like a drug seeker/addict.


I agree about the AI but this doc is a jackass on that topic too and I dont have the insurance or time to shop for another doctor right now. Im thinking of buying some Ai off the internet and self dosing soon. Also, im thinking ill be able to re up on the extra dosage once it runs out without another persrciption so i may be able to double dose for some time to come. Ill have to wait and see.


Yeah thats a risk im going to have to weigh out and see if its worth it. right now im thinking it is. Hopefully if shit hits the fan ill be able to explain things to the next doc or act dumb and say I assumed I was supposed to home dose, thinking thats what the extra script was for. Thoughts?