Free Test Low at 16?

  Well I got my blood test results and I had them test my T levels and here are the results:

605 total
17.6 free

I am 16, 180lb, 5’11", 15% BF? I looked at the article “Level with me doc”, and it seems to be quite low. Anything I should do to raise this? I’m guessing just a better diet and more exercise.

I cant seem to find this in Beginners, so bump.

If you are a true beginner, your T-levels should be the last thing you should be worrying about, wait until you are atleast at a medium-advanved level and you have all the basics like nutrition and a year or two of logged training under your belt.

If you are past the beginner’s level, you shouldn’t be posting article queries in the beginner’s page. Nutrition and Supplements may be able to help, there are several T-raising products Biotest have available.

I’m not a true beginner, I was just wondering how it compares.