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Free Test Is at 352, Healthy Long-term?

Hey fellows got a quick question , just got my bloodwork back and free test is way above range , on the quest scale of 35 -155 my free test is 352.2 . The question is this healthy long term or would u lower dose

Forgot to add my total test is 1194 on a range of 250 - 1100 , estradiol is 49 which barely high with 39 being the high

How do you feel? How is your CBP and cholesterols?

I feel good

Bloodwork looks good

So dont worry about it dont touch anything and dont lower your dose

It will certainly increase your risk of health problems long term.

I’d recomend taking advice from your doctor first and foremost.

Posting your full blood results and age would be useful for people to be able to advise more accurately. When were the tests taken in relation to your last shot?

How often are you planning blood tests and doctor consultations? Any relevant close family medical history?

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Not healthy for your heart long term. I would indeed lower my dose.


Sounds like you have a fairly low shbg for free to be so high vs total. Do you have that tested? As lenono said, posting your full blood work including lab ranges would help. Your protocol dose & inj/per week and were these tests run at the trough right before your next inj?

A couple of questions.

  1. What is your injection dose and frequency?

  2. Which test method was used for Free T. There are several and they are very confusing. I have yet to do any tests with QUEST, though I’m being forced in that direction from LabCorp (which I prefer). The LC/MS method is more accurate than the direct method.

  3. When was the lab done relative to your last injection?

  4. Are you taking any supplemental synthetic (anabolic) hormones? Some of them can significantly lower SHBG levels and that can cause Free T to shoot up.

From the first study you posted: “Results of our study suggest that the outcome of testosterone-induced cardiac hypertrophy is not dose dependent but is rather relied on the factor of exposure to duration in inducing maladaptive responses of the heart”.

Thought I would point it out since you posted it as evidence that cardiac problems are dose dependent with Testosterone.

That would be relevant if not for … ALL of the test subjects were running high testosterone. There is very little in the way of studies to address specific questions like these as its still very taboo in the medical field. The OP @cfroyal is running free test as about 5-7x that of the mean free T in adults. Similar to the study I posted which the targeted rat group was running 7x or more.

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My dose is .6 twice weekly of test cypionate 200 mg , shots taken Monday evening and Friday morning and the dose is prescribed, everything according to doc looks good but I didn’t see full blood work

Blood was taken Monday morning and only supplement is dhea 25 mg twice a day

This works out to 240 mg/wk. That is pretty hefty for long term for most people. It isn’t going to be the worst thing in the world short term, but I think as something you are planning on doing for life it is a bit too much.

I am running TRT at 200 mg/wk, now, and I am sure I am above top of the range (150 mg/wk got me right to top of ranges). I am doing this as I am blasting and cruising, and want to be larger than natural. I know this isn’t something that can be done long term without high probability of complications (especially cardiac ones). I am just running my second blast right now, but I don’t see doing this for more than a few more blasts. After that I am entering my personal point of diminishing returns that are not worth the risk. I’ll probably go back to 150 mg/wk, as I feel good there. I will say there is a difference physically between the two doses long term.

Just know your risks is what I am trying to say. You will likely be fine for years, but do you really want to have complications 20 years down the line that you wouldn’t have had?

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Think I’m gonna drop to 200 mg and see how I feel

I think that is a good idea. You will likely still be above range, but you won’t be double the top.

I felt almost better on 200 mg/wk, than I do on my blast (600 mg/wk). Libido was higher on 200 mg/wk. I still feel pretty great on blast, and recover very quickly from hard workouts.

My total t and free is over range on 100mg/week, so don’t automatically assume you need a high dose.

You’re better of working up the dose rather than down in my opinion.

Are you self prescribing?

No it’s dr prescribed and she’s very easy to work with as long as I go down she wouldn’t have a problem and I feel like she is eventually gonna lower it anyways

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The reason for the high dose is I have been on trt since I was 15 , now 42 and we were trying to find a dose where my anxiety went away which it has disappeared on this dose , that’s why it is hard for me to go back down the lower the dose the worse the anxiety