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Free T Stayed the Same When Going from 140mg to 120mg Test

A couple of weeks back I got a full panel done so I could see what my stats were at after going from 140mg to 120mg, I had waited around 12 weeks to get this full panel done after changing doses. I’ve just now started to think about how weird it was that my Free T levels did not change. My previous Free T was 44 with a Total T of 1136 and this time I had a Free T of 45 and a Total T of 837. Could there be any explanation for this?

Slightly different testing times, testing accuracy, etc. Did your SHBG change much? The most common Free T test isn’t all that accurate, so I could see it being off enough to explain that.

My SHGB actually went up from 17 to 19 when going from 140 to 120.

Probably just testing accuracy then. Regardless, not a big deal

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Hm I gotcha, thanks.

Nothing to worry about. A few mg difference is clearly not going to affect you