Free T on Low Side, TT Appears in Range but Still Having Issues

Cut a long story short… I have been having erection problems the last 6 months. My TT is 671, but my free t is at 10.1 (range being 8.7-26.1). Morning erections occur, but my labido seems to have dropped significantly. No ranging boners to speak of these days, even after 2/3 days of abstenance. I am a 36 year old physically fit about 185 pounds at 5"10. Obviously this has been alarming to say the least! I recently saw a post from a guy who had 203 TT with a 9.9 free t, which is close to mine… Thus the alarm bells began to ring!

Hopefully someone can shed some light on what maybe going on!


Please refer to what I replied to you on the other thread and read the stickies and post your full set of labs mentioned in the advice for new guys thread including thyroid labs.

Unfourtunatly thats all i had done as i went independant and didnt go theough a doc… Do you suggest a SHBG and maybe an Esradiol?

There is no way around the labs that you need to get for vets on here to help you. All of the suggested labs on the sticky are important and carry significant value to help you understand what the problem is.

AM cortisol

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Theae are older labs (8-12) weeks, but wondered if they would add any insight.