Free T Levels Pre and Post TRT

I’m interested to know what people’s ‘Free Testosterone’ levels were:

Prior to TRT


Currently while on TRT

I ask as there doesn’t seem to be a huge amount of discussion regarding free T levels and seems to be concentrated more on Total T despite the massive differences in people’s SHBG

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5 to 7 ng/dl pre TRT
22 to 30 ng/dl trough /peak (5 years on TRT/TRT +)

No one really talks huge amount about free T since we still dont have harmonized methods and ref ranges. Most dudes completely confused about units/methods and I do not blame them.


Thanks for your levels @readalot

Those free T levels look amazing even without the reference ranges

Was your shbg low prior to TRT?

It’ll be interesting to see what others levels are

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55-60 nmol/L SHBG
380 to 400 ng/dl TT

Best data we have to date would indicate reasonable healthy 95%tile ref range on FT by equilibrium dialysis would be 10 to 20 ng/dl (TT by LCMS).

Question then becomes what is normal and healthly for you across that range.

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My Free T levels are approx 0.45 nmol/l whilst on clomid, so interesting to see what people’s free T levels are on TRT

~ 13 ng/dl.

Which method used to test? Or calculated?

4.4 ng/dl Pre Trt
20 ng/dl (avg from 7 years on TRT)

Edit: sorry @readalot looks like a replied to you instead of @bbb-steve


This was calculated

Thanks @blshaw

What are your thoughts on me restarting TRT when I’m averaging 0.45 nmol/l free T on clomid with very little side effects?

I’ve always thought of Clomid as something you try to improve HPTA function before committing to TRT. I’ve never met anybody using it long term so I can’t speak to its efficacy for that application.

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TT and SHBG?

Careful which calculator is being used.

Vermeulen will put you within 10-20% typical of ED. Tru-T is a disaster when calculating for higher SHBG guys.

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I actually have low SHBG. Clomid only appears to increase my TT to approximately 17 nmol/l however due to the low shbg, my free T comes out at approximately 0.45 nmol/l

Yes calculated using TT, Albumin and SHBG


Would be about 20 using cFTV which I trust.

TT 490 ng/dl
SHBG 21 nmol/l
FT 13 ng/dl assuming default albumin

TruT would spit out 17 ng/dl (more outrageous for higher SHBG).

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Yes that’s initially what my intentions were when starting clomid, but due to it working well I’ve remained on it far longer than planned

I think if I had no other choice I could quite easily get by forever with clomid only, however as I’ve only ever been on useless uk nhs testosterone protocols I think it’s time to see how I feel on a good protocol of sustanon injections weekly plus 500iu hcg 2x/week

I have an appointment with a private TRT doctor on the 22nd

TT - 16.7 nmol/l
SHBG - 17 nmol/l
Albumin - 48 g/L

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