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Free T: Labwork vs Online Calculator

Ok, I’ve been using Quest for my labs and getting my free-T and bioavailable -T numbers by several of the online Calculators. This last time I had the higher dollar LC/MS Total-T, Free-T, Bio-T, albumin, SHBG test ran.

Now with the conversation online I’m around 30 free-T and 733 Bio-T.

With the new labs it only shows 19 free-T and 380 bio-T With same Total T level, SHBG & Albumin???

My question is the lab result most likely right and doing the online cal not correct? Maybe something else isn’t being taken into account with simple online conversion.

The labs and the calculator have a margin for error. You are testing hormones thAT are always changing and lab timing is another factor to consider.

Yes seems like so many things that can affect labs as a whole.

I had also worked out for 1.5 hours that morning of my last lab Test and then tested at 1pm five hours after morning cream application. I didn’t even think about that may being changing my labs. Lucky they didn’t change hardly any from last.

Really overall, I’ve been pretty scary consistent across the boards of my labs so far. Everything stays pretty much the same and any increases in dose do exactly what I would expect end results.

I just though it was odd how I could use the total-T, SHBG & Albumin numbers off my current l Lc/MS labs enter them into the online Free/Bio T calculator and get Almost twice as number from quest lab report in regards to free and bio T.