Free Style vs. Folk Style Wrestling

OK so this spring after my power lifting meets are all done I’m thinking about starting Free Style wrestling because I didnt wrestle folk style this year due to injuries from football/work/powerliftig. In folk style I’m more of a thrower and not much of a shooter, so I think that might help but I am going to work on shots because I want some 7 point throws.

Can anyone give me advice on freestyle? Ive never wrestled free style. I wrestle for my high school.

I think you got your facts a little confused.

there are no 7 point throws.

the most you can get is 5 points and it is from the par terre ( bottom ) position
you have to pick them off the floor while they are flat- and have a throw with amplitude (height)
and put them into danger of being pinned.

Freestyle is like folk style in that you can attack the legs arms and the body.

Greco Roman only allows for attacks to the upper body, you can not attack the legs at all
neither from standing or from Par terre use to turn over.

there is no top and bottom like you know it - the par terre position is flat to the floor
and its a defensive position - your opponent will try to turn or lift you, the bottom wrestler
cant escape and must defend for 30 secs.

Falls or pins happen much faster- usually 1 sec for kids, its 2 seconds.

you should be able to find it all here.