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Free Stuff for Lurkers!

Visit the forum a lot but never post? Well, it’s time to de-lurk!
If you’ve never posted on the T-forum before, reply to this thread and tell us:

  1. How you found T-Nation.

  2. What supplement from the Superstore you’d like to try.

I’ll randomly pick one person who replies to receive two bottles of whatever he or she wants from the T-Nation store. Click HERE to pick what you want and reply with both your answers now! This promo ends soon!

Oh yeah, and we can tell if you scallywags try to create a new user name just to enter the giveaway! Lurkers only, ya bastards!

Chris, this is the COOLEST promo Biotest has ever done. Wow!!! Gotta love it!

Awww…I’ve only posted two or three messages, am I offically “delurked” already?!? =(

Anyways if not…

  1. I found T Nation before it was T Nation, about 4 years ago, while working at a local supplement store. I was 15 at the time, and we recieved a Testosterone magazine. Visited on and off for a while, but it wasn’t until recently that I “remembered” about Biotest and the quality of the stuff, and started reading the boards.

2)Used Tribex, Hot Rox and M and Grow, would like to try Surge!

Great Promo… I like MAG 10 but would like to try Hot Rox

I’ve never actually posted on a real story before, just the contests.

  1. I heard about this website when I bought the very first issue the printed Testosterone Magazine. I loved it and have been reading the website ever since.

  2. I would like to try the New Mag 10 Formula!

I posted once or twice, so I’m not sure if I’m considered a lurker. But, here’s my answer:

  1. How you found T-Nation.
    I got to know about Charles Poliquin from Will Brink. I looked for Poliquin on the search engine, and got here. Been visiting this site really often ever since… :slight_smile:

  2. What supplement from the Superstore you’d like to try.
    I would say Hot Rox.

I found T-Mag while running a search trying to find why I was feeling like shit. I was 50, losing strength, libido completely gone, gaining weight and generally feeling like shit warmed over. It was looking like low levels of vitamin T were the culprit and I was searching Testosterone when I stumbled across this site and one of that weeks articles was Your Doctor Your Dealer. Needless to say, I am healed! Well, a lot better off than I was a couple years ago. I have used some Biotest products; still have a couple bottles of Mag-10 I want to use this spring. This has been the only weight-training site I have visited since finding you. Greater changes in my life have come about as a result of your information than anything else I have ever tried.

What would I like to try, Weeeeeellllllllll HOT ROX of course.

thanks Shugs and the gang. I rarely post so hopefully I can be considered a lurker.

I found T-Mag from the forums of Askmen.com. I would really want to try the Hot-Rox

This is my first post, I generally read more than I type.

  1. I’m a boxer, and found your site through the Underground Forum’s strength and conditioning forum
  2. Ah, so many…the product I’m most curious about is Hot-Rox though.

Neat way to get lurkers to post, thanks for the shot
Mark H.

  1. Found site linked from Men’s Health. I needed a more hardcore workout plan(s) and advice on strict dieting to get cut. Nothing in MH ever helped. I’ve gone from 179 to 162 on the TDawg diet and starting to get striations in my shoulders because of it. Excellent site.

  2. I’ve always wanted to try Hot Rox. I’m torn between trying that or NO2, so I hope I win and my decision is made for me.

I stumbled across T-Mag about 2 and half years ago. I love the articles and great info that is readily available here.

I just got done trying HOT-ROX (finished my second bottle this morning) and loved it.

I have a shipment on the way of stuff I haven’t tried (surge, tribex, M, etc). Thanks to the buy 2 get 2 (those specials are much appreciated).

Not sure what others I would like to try, Red Kat or maybe Power Drive.

Anyway, thanks alot to the T-Mag staff, writers, Biotest and the people that make the forums abound with info/real world applications/and advice.

1.) I found a copy of Testosterone at Walmart and decided to buy it just for the heck of it and I found the articles and stuff in there really interesting. But soon I needed new reading material and so I logged onto this site which to me is like an oasis of lifting wisdom.

2.) I’d prefer to get Hot-Rox over anything else, I mean cutting fat has always been problematic for me and I think Hot-Rox would definitely help. Also, I’m only 19 so I don’t think I should be taking Mag-10 or anything.

I found this site while stationed in Bosnia. I was a looking for weightlifting information on found this site. Thanks to T-Mag, during the six months I was in country I went from 245lbs to 217lbs and a 40" waist to 36". I also went from a newbie on deads to lifting 405. I have used Surge, T-2 and M6
I really want to try Hot Rox. I was moved from Patrol to Detectives when I returned had have put back on a few pounds. Love the site…love the boards…just never felt I could add anything constructive so no need to post.

Con’t post from above… First time be gentle… I found T-Mag doing a search for Charles Poliquin and TC. I missed reading TC’s column in Muscle Media and was disgruntled with the format changes in MM. I have a degree in Exercise Phyis. but I have learned more because of the expertise of John Bernardi and Christian T. I really enjoy visiting the forums because there are some very knowledgable members willing to share information.

You may all rejoice. I am now officially a member. I’ve been lurking for some time now. I found this place from a few smart guys on a Strength section of a MMA forum. They love this place, and they are always linking people here.

I wouldn’t mind trying Mag-10. I’m in the mood to put on some muscle. As a seeker of the ladies and a martial artist, being mega huge helps me do both.


I found T-mag while trying to find a way to fix my shoulder problem (rotor cuff problem). Its much better now thanks to you guys.

A new suppliment I will probably try, whether i win or not, is Tribex.

Found testosterone searching for quality training advice on the net. enjoy the great articles especially from Chris Thib, and CW, some great nutritional advice to helped me get in the best shape of my life. been lurking for about a year now and figured this would be the best time to register. If I luck out and get drawn I would love to try Mag-10 but live in Canada so if that doesn’t work I’ve allways done great with Tribex.

Let me tell ya…Great Contest…If i had a choice, i would say i want to try Hot-Rox and Red Kat.