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Free Standing Punch Bag


I want to train at home, just simply for self defense reasons.
I'm considering buying a free standing punch bag (I cannot hang it from the ceiling or drill holes in the walls to hang from a wall bracket).
which free standing bag would you guys reccomend?
I've seen a bag called 'the Wavemaster' which is a standard shaped bag' .
The slam man, which is made of hard plastic, which seems like it has limited areas for hitting as most of it is made of hard plastic, whereas the smaller areas for hitting are made from softer plastic.
There is also a bag made in the shape of a torso called the BOB body opponent, the head looks really life like. This one to me seems like the best choice as it will give me the best practice for hitting a person as I'll also learn how to position my hands when aiming for a real person's head/body etc?
But I'd like some opinions please of people who practice any combat sports or martial Arts.
Mike Mahler I'd be very grateful for your opinion if your reading this post.