Free Standing Bags

for various reasons i’m not able to get a wall mounted bag so im lookin for advice on the “best” free sanding bag to get

im stuck between one of those BOB things

and a wavemaster

so which of these (or another bag) should i get?

I have a Wavemaster (actually, I think it’s a Wavemaster 2) and I like it. I filled mine with water (easier to remove than sandbags) and it’s pretty solid. It’ll move and slide around some, but won’t topple over and allows you to get a good workout in.

I haven’t used mine since I moved, but am going to be filling it up again soon so I can get some home workouts in.

Put a big patch of velcro on the base and that will also help eliminate vibrational movement. Guess it depends on the floor you have also.

I love the “footwork” the Wavemaster-type bags create. It’s a nice little addition to a conditioning exercise.

Why not buy a punch bag and a standing punch bag mount? you can pick them up from argos etc. We had a four bag one made up due to our club moving around alot and it worked excellent? you can buy ones for cheap that hold one bag. If you look in the ad section of the local paper you should find one for cheap as chips

I have also used one of those Bob punch dummies and thought it was a waste of money. One half decent head shot and the whole thing almost falls over. Just my experience

Watch your local Craigs List and don’t buy the first thing you see listed. I watched our local listings for about three weeks, then scored an XXL Wavemaster that had been used maybe all of twice. I paid less than half the cost of a new Wavemester and NO shipping! There were several different types of punching bags listed.



i’d get a stand and bag if i had the room
but its going in my garage and its pretty low ceiling in there

cheers for the responses guys, think i’ll go for the wavemaster of some kind. sounds like my best bet ad its cheaper, always a bonus

I don’t like the wavemasters b/c:

  1. Any half way powerful kick will make them start to fall over, never seen one actually fall over when filled properly.
  2. The slide around all over the floor. I like the Velcro idea listed above.
  3. Target is too stationary
  4. When padding wears out you start striking a hard plastic tube, ouch.
    (Don’t get a Bob)

Bags are nice because they swing and move and you can work on your movement, pushing/moving your opponent and hitting moving targets. The big down side to stands is that you have to weight them down properly or else they will tip over also.