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Remember when I did this back in August for our October 31st Boot Camp. Olympia weekend in Las Vegas? This is the Boot camp with Charles Staley, Pavel, Lonnie Lowery, Dan Johns, Keats Snideman and Josh Henkin…anyway TEEKZ won that seat and has let me know today that he can’t make it. This means that I will give it away again.

Post here and let me that you want to come to this event and I will pick by Thursday Night. You have to get there and handle your room but the seat will be free and I am giving a bunch of cool stuff away. We have some more seats available as we decided to move out equiptment to make room for more seats so if you don’t win here call me and you can still buy a seat, but it is limited so…hurry


Great opportunity here!

And even if you’re not lucky enough to be chosen by the generous Staley Team, this one should be worth attending. Come on, 1) lots of interesting people will be there and you’ll learn a ton, 2) it’s in Vegas. . . on Halloween, 3) It’s right after the Olympia freak fest.

Sounds like a fun weekend to me. I’ll be there and I think T-Nation contrib David Barr is going to join me. Bring on the hookers and buffets! (Or heck, at least a bloody steak and a stripper or two.)


More then happy to fill that spot!

I could be there, and would love to come. All I would need is to be chosen.

Yes, please. Too bad about Teekz, but this would be excellent.


Take advantage of this one guys! This is going to be a killer event and I can’t wait for the Bootcamp. The list of presenters is awesome and the people attending the event are pretty damn cool too (with guys like Shugs and David Barr in the crowd there is bound to be some great discussions between presentations!).

Good luck and I’ll see you at the Bootcamp!

Kyle Battis

I’ll put my name in the hat even though I’m only a newb. This would be awesome.

bumpity bump bump bump

I would love this. not to mention the fact that I am only 6 hours drive from vegas for the next month. sweet.

I’d love the opportunity! Please throw my name in the hat!

I would be honored to be the lucky person that gets chosen for this giveaway. What an awesome list of presenters! I’d be there in a heartbeat.

Hook me up and I will get there!!

I live in Vegas and would love to attend.

Ooh, ooh…pick me! Please. I can make it.

I gotta tell you-this was a no brainer for me this time around. I wish I could give a seat to all of you but this seat is going to someone who has really had a bad summer and could use this trip to his advantage.Malonetd, I have followed your “wow…life” thread over on GET A LIFE and all I can say is pack your bags for Vegas and make that selfish wife of yours come to you. In Vegas you will be there to be amongst like minded individuals and this time you can have the upper hand. What can I say ,I’m a softee. Also, I like the fact that “etd” is in your name.

PM me your phone number and I will call you with details. Everyone else, if you still want to go call me quick and I will give you a great deal for this once in a life time event.1-800-519-2492-Julianne

Julianne, you ARE a sweetheart! If anyone deserves this it’s malonetd.

Todd, have fun in Vegas…time for you to move on and begin enjoying life again!

This was a great offer,… damned shame I could not come out and join the party.

TODD?? HELLOOO… I have not heard from Todd-does this mean I have to give this seat away again?? Todd- if I have not heard from you by 10-13-04 I have to give this away to someone else to be fair as travel arrangements will need to be made-Julianne

After reading Todd’s Wow…Life thread, I sure hope that he is able to attend. If you should have to give the seat away, I might as well throw my hat into the ring.

Take care,