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Free Squat/Box Squat Relation

Hey guys,

Does anyone in here know the relation between box and free squats? Meaning if I can box squat around lets say 300 will i be able to free squat the same weight?

i remember something like this in an article by dave tate, did I understand this correctly?

Most people can free squat more than they can box squat to parallel depth. Personally, my max free squat is about 50 lbs more than my best box squat (using the same wraps, suit, belt). However, this relationship varies from person to person, depending on their technique and realtive strengths. In short, I would be very surprised if your 300 box squat was not at least 300 without the box.

I wouldnt go that far Pinto, If you squat exactly the same both ways but pause on the box then it would be around the same.

But box squating is done to strengthen your hips and posterior chain, there is no way you could squat that way without the box because you would fall backwards.

There are ways to make box squating alot harder than normal squats and there are ways to make it alot easier.

I had 500x7 off a parallel box but there was no way I had that without the box, its because my form was so different when I used the box, and I didn’t need to bend my knees as much, I could sit straight back keeping my shins straight up in the air so I didn’t have to go as deep to hit parallel.

yeah thats what i thought…i think i can go about the same in both…but recently i started favoring box squats because they aren’t as toxic on the cns as frees are. thanks for you opinions.