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Free Spike!


Did you check your email yet? T-Nation is giving away a free bottle of Spike with every $500 order!


Hmm, I have not gotten that email, plus being a college student makes dropping 500 bucks on supplements a little difficult.

Ah well, I guess I don't mind paying 30 bucks again when I'm out.



Um...today's date have anything to do with your post?




FUCK! Okay I'm the one who usually does this kind of crap. Nice one, I fell for it.



Douche Bag


How the hell did anyone fall for that?

Who would throw a spontaneous $500 order down for a free $30 bottle of Spike?


No fucking way... I fell for it and slapped down a 529 order. Oh well... Looks like I have enough protein for the whole year.


That's what I was thinking...Drrrrr?


Its sweet that its only $29.99 now tho...