Free special report from Charles Staley

Hey T-maggers,

Just wanted to introduce myself…my name is Rebecca…I’m Charles Staley’s personal assistant . I just wanted to let you all know that Charles has just completed a special report called “The Ten Stupid Things People Do To Mess Up Their Workouts.” If anyone would like a free advance copy just send me a e-mail at:

Thanks Guys— I look forward to hearing from you!

Geoff, it looks like then Rebecca will be the one to answer your question regarding Charles Staley’s background. Patricia :slight_smile:

Rebecca, You stated on another thread that Charles has worked with a number of mma atheletes. Since I’m heavily involved in the sport I’m interested in who they might be. I’ve just ordered his Science of MA training and I’m looking forward to receiving it. Any idea on an approximate delivery date for Toronto, Canada?

Hi Geoff,

The biggest names have had Charles sign confidentiality agreements, so I’m unable to provide them for you (until they retire anyway). I will say that Charles works with an athlete who is widely regarded as the best NHB fighter of all time however (sorry to tease!)

On Jon Lewis’ site it says they use myodynamics too.

He’s working with me?? j/k My guess would be Tito or Frank - more likely Tito if John Lewis uses Myodynamics.

Regarded as best ever, hmm. Frank Shamrock possibly. Any chance of a hint at the weight?

Hi, I just recieved a copy of the report in acrobat format and it has alot of great info.
Thanks Rebecca!!


I’d love to get a copy - Thanks

Hey guys & gals, Rebecca told me I should have a look at this thread…not Shamrock or Ortiz, although I have done a lot fo work with John Lewis and his guys. have also consulted to coaches for Michael Moorer and Greg Haugen. Other than that, I can’t name names— sorry!

hmmm, does his name rhyme with “Rickson” or “Royce?”

Depending on who you talk to, could be Vitor or Sakuraba or even Coleman… But if I had to pick the best of all time, I’d have to go with Rickson hands down.

hmmmm… now I cant stop thinking about who it is. I also think it might be Rickson or Royce now.

Fred Ettish? Joe Son? :wink: Could you give us a clue on the fighters nationality? If it’s not Ken Shamrock then it has to be one of the Gracie’s

The clear top dog in vale tudo right now is Minatauro. Dominating Coleman until the tap (something I didn’t think I’d ever see Coleman do) playing with Inoue who’s a pretty decent bjj bb with tons of balls plus dominating Herring (who beat the monster Erickson). Unfortunately I don’t that’s Staley’s guy - his trainer is a brazilian. Perhaps he means BJ Penn. He did lose to Pulver but since he’s with Lewis that’s the most logical choice IMO. FYI Pulver can’t wait for a rematch with Penn even though he won.

Minaturo, Penn, etc. are too new to be regarded as the greatest of all time, although they are great fighters. Ken Shamrock is defenitley not the greatest of all time, although I wouldn’t want to step in the ring with him. It all depends on who you ask is the greatest of all time.

Hey everyone, just talked to Coach Staley… He’s with a client this weekend??? … (My lips are sealed…)Anyways he wants to know if anyone would be interested in articles on training for combat sports? If so, let me know I’ll pass it on. Thanks!

That’s a big “YES” from me. I would very much be interested on training for combat sports.

Rebecca, I would definitely be interested in combat training articles.

Rebecca, once again a big yes on the combat sports.