Free Sample of Vinpocetine

“The net effect is a supercharged ability to think, as in process information, and a memory like a wife who caught you doin’ the nasty with the neighborhood cheerleader vixen. You also get the side benefit of a good mood, something that seems to be in short supply around here.
Vinpocetine is nontoxic and very safe. Bottom line, everybody, take it! Lots of it…”

I just found this site on the net.

You can get a free sample of this stuff to try out. I just signed up myself.


Ya, vinpocetine is pretty good stuff, especially when combined with gingko biloba (Biotest should throw it in with Power Drive…hint, hint!)

Thanks for the link dude, but they were all out of free samples. Patterson addresses this suppliment a wee bit in either his “Behind the Scenes” column, or one of the other writers mentioned it in the Reader E-mail.

I am curious about getting a sample for my wife, as she has a catamenial seizure disorder. I am thinking that the increased blood flow / oxygen flow to the brain may help to lessen the intensity and frequency of said tremors.

Me too, Let’s wait a see…

Here is a bone for all you to gnaw on.

Euphoria will contain vinpocetine and we
have been planning it this way from day one :slight_smile:


Brock—is this the “new compound” that hasn’t been used in the bodybuilding community before? I bet it is!

Job561—I would seriously consult your wife’s doctor on this one before adding it to her already Rx’ed mediciations. I’m a med student, and to me, this supplement sounds like it is ‘excitatory’ meaning it could increase your wife’s seizures. Tread with caution.

First, a disclaimer: I am not an EAS salesman or in any way related to that company.

Now, I did a search on vinpocetine at a bodybuilding supplement site and it turns out that a new product from EAS called AeroMax HP contains 5mg of vinpocetine.

Thought you’d like to know…

Nope :slight_smile: Vinpocetine is NOT the secret
ingredient never seen in the bb’ing world
and don’t bother guessing cuz I ain’t saying :slight_smile: