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Free Range Children?


Hilarious/disturbing. Way to make a bright future for your kids. My favorite part is the fact that the mom claims formal instruction is not the best way for humans to learn, yet makes money by TEACHING people how not to teach their kids. I think the story is presented in such a way as to make it seem REALLY out there, but even so these people are nuts.


I saw that crap on TV the other night. Made me want to bludgeon the mother.


Yes, very strange indeed. The only thing I could change about this is the 'get whatever they want' part, I was raised to work for everything I wanted.

I worked for my food, my bedroom, my clothes, and all my toys/books. Yes, when I was a baby everything was given to me, but after I could walk and do work around the house, I started working.

These kids will be at a disadvantage, not because they are not schooled but because they are in the same boat as the rest of the kids now, everything is given to them. They do not do anything for it.


Took me a while to realize the dude at 2:20 (Devon i think) was a male.

I feel sorry for the kids.


We really do live by scheduals...but I like it that way...anytime I have a couple weeks off...I start to feel sick lol..it's like i NEED to do something other than "play". I'd go crazy being home all the time like that...I dunno what that mom thinks but damn school is a good time. Sure the classes can be boring sometimes..but that's why you do spitballs, and talk when your not supposed to, stare at the girls, communicate god damn! haha I just really can't believe this actually exsists. Maybe it's cause my family is old school but hard work is a must in the family..sure you can feel lazy sometimes but you learn to push through feeling lazy and tired...that's when it counts when you gotta work hard and you don't want to...that builds something in you to succeed when others don't.

This just boggles my mind...I am a pretty care free guy, but this is over the top. I swear these kids are gonna hate their mother later on.


The worst evil can come from the best intentions


What about socializing with other kids? School and activities also teach kids how to behave in the real world, how to make friends. The adult world is filled with rules, these kids are not going to be prepared for that. I completely disagree with this thinking.


i'd bang the mom




School has nothing to do with socializing, it's an environment that helps with socializing, but nothing more. How many loners were there at your school. There were quiet a few of them, however not many loners I have met around here that are home schooled. Which there are a lot of kids that are home schooled because of the ranching situations for these families.

However, I think the confidence that the kids have leads to socializing.


Formal education has been used for a VERY long time because it works.

A tailored approach to learning style is one thing and has very positive effects when implemented, but simply letting your children run wild is not going to help them do anything. Ever.

It seems terribly irresponsible of those parents to not set their children up for success by giving them an education.


What in the name of fuck is this nonsense? This is incredibly irresponsible. The mother is in the long run restricting the freedom of these children. By not sending them to school they are missing out on vast amounts of potential skills, interests and careers. Maybe one of the children would in fact grow to love the works of Chaucer, Shakespeare, Joyce, Beckett etc or have a real bent for foreign languages. Now they will never have a chance to know anything beyond that which there parents choose to impart on them. It is difficult to see them as adults in anything but extremely low skilled jobs or on welfare.


At the end of the day, I think there's worse things those parents could be doing.


Of course there's worse things the parents could be doing, they could be kidnapping other children to play with their children lol...that's not the point though...these "parents" are FUCKING RETARDED!!!!


Its one thing to home school - but shes not teaching the kids math. Things like multiplication and addition, at the least. Screw long division, just give the kids life skills.


Denying their children an education is probably one of the worse if not the worst legal thing a parent could do.


forced education still sucks. our school system, which was copied from the persian model, is enough to educate the masses enough to become valuable to society, but not so much that they would think freely, which is dangerous doncha know?
and yes this is definitely foolish, she could at least be doing like capnyousef said and teaching life skills.


Those kids don't even seem to have harnessed a fundamental ability to learn. They draw conclusions that are faulty, and dismiss actual information as if it is simply of no use.

They aren't free, they are fucked.


stupid shit like this makes me lose faith in humanity.


Sorry, man. I know that my posts are bad sometimes, but I didn't mean to break your faith in humanity.