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Oh man ! Pretty nice stuff! Thank you very much for that.

Most of the routines are about 6 or 7 days, do you have any workouts for 3 or 4 days a week? Your exercise selection that what I am searching for - to get stronger in the mainlifts and build muscle :slight_smile:


Most programs are universal in what kind of splits you use as long as it is 4, 5 or 6 days.

I added some extra notes on the “Intro Tab” and the Yellow Tabbed programs are the easiest to adjust to a 4, 5 or 6 Day Split.

I started making them yellow because I knew the early ones were universal but the later were not but after going through it looks like I had more universal then I thought.

Admittedly I did not program with 3 Day splits in mind. I just added a new tab and I will think about it and tinker with it the next few days.

I did start the split for the program and I think that it will line up pretty well as is. I am still going to make a program directly for that program.

Check out “Intro” Tab:


Thank you so much man! I do a break for one week anyway !
The 3 Day split looks pretty solid, how do you set up your assistance work BOTSLAYER? Do you add secondary mainlifts like Military Press or Frontsquats?

At the moment I read the Cowboy Method which seems also pretty cool.



Basically I consider Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Barbell Row and Pullups the “Mandatories” to hit twice a week minimum (substitutions have there place but that is another topic). After that I do what ever assistance work I want or think is going to help with my current goals.

I kind of put the assistance work in tiers. The higher the Tier the more stimulus it will provide so the more important I think it is. As such I fill it in from the top down as I can handle it. The only other consideration is to make sure I do more Pulling Volume than Pushing Volume.

Tier 1: More Compounds such as Squat Variations, Deadlift Variations, T-Bar and other Row Variations, Over Head Press Variations, Lunges etc.

Tier 2: Cables, Machines, Isolation Work

Tier 3: Yoga, Mobility Work, Core Work…this tier should be higher

Right now it is mostly tier 3 with a sprinkle of Tier 2 as I am in a Powerlifting Prep so if it isnt the mandatories I consider it Prehab or expendable. I think iso/pump work is about as good as it gets for helping a PLer to stay healthy (aside from mobility/yoga stuff).

In the offseason I will switch to a lot more variety and Tier 1 Stuff as everything will be lighter I should be able to handle more of it.

I thought I made a tab for this…and I did it just isnt even close to started LOL so added to the todo list.



Also a video explaining my Specificity Block (Taper and Peak):


Great stuff. Thanks for sharing!

The “BBer AF” template piqued my interest, but I can only train 3 days a week. Could I expect decent results with something like this?

heavy press
light back

heavy legs
light press

heavy back
light legs

Still hitting each twice a week. Might have to do fewer sets per exercise and/or reduce the total number of exercises though.

And, what you do recommend for rest periods between the heavy and light sets.



Sorry it took me so long to see this, I was on a hiatus.

Over all I think that program would work, I see how you staggered everything personally I would rather begin the week with heavy legs to be the most recovered for them OR finish with them so that heavy workout didnt affect the rest of the week but that is just personal preference and it depends on what exercise selection you use for each workout (like if Deads are on Back etc).

As long as it takes but if fat burning or conditioning are goals I would lessen rest times.


I have been playing around with Offseason Plans.

After the Comp I am planning on 1-2 Weeks of Light Non Barbell Related work then I want to try this:

Biggest reason is to relearn Front Squat and this program is a perfect program to attempt a 3x a week Press Frequency.

(tab is in sheets, didnt link for redundancy)



This is most likely what I will be doing more long term. It is my preferred Split and Frequencies.

GOALS: Maintain Strength in “Off” Season while building muscle Quality and Conditioning.

Also Conjugating a lot more than i usually do to maintain some mental and physical wear and tear of the constant big 3.

NOTES ON RPE I am going to make a strong effort to switch to RPE and I realized RPE’s biggest strength is probably for the enhanced athlete LOL. All the programming I have done for natty’s is honestly kind of easy, Their strength doesnt fluctuate much and it is usually pretty easy to find the culprit (sleep/diet/injury). With myself as enhanced even on cycle strength fluctuations can be frequent in both directions and the list of culprits gets a lot longer.

Enter the cure all: RPE


No worries. You’re sharing what you’ve learned for free. I have no expectation of “customer service” :slight_smile:

I may be overthinking this, but another way set this up could look like this.

heavy bench
light (shoulder) press
heavy rows
light pull-ups

heavy press
light bench
heavy squat
light deadlift

heavy deadlift
light squat
heavy pull-ups
light rows

So, instead of doing a heavy day and light day for each press/pull/push, I would do 1 heavy (4-6x4-6) and 1 light (3x10-12) movement for each press/pull/push. Which setup do you think would be more effective?


LOL its the same thing but yes.

The truth is you are going to just have to try and see what works. If you get achy here or there then back off the intensity and/or volume.

The biggest tip I can give is go slow.

Really what I looked at was just that you were doing a LOT and cramming it into 3 days. I think you can get away with almost anything with 2x per week frequency, but with 3x per week I think you need to be a lot more reserved and add in slowly.

I did reorganize how I would do your workouts and then I made what I would prescribe to somebody looking to do a 3x per week program.

Check out “3 Day Split” for a couple notes and then this…

Biggest notes are I take a much more minimalist approach with pressing and that is from my personal issues with my shoulders and the general idea that people are generally impinged from poor postures and too much pressing and I add pull to every day.



You could easily halve the Pull work to just Barbell Rows with Bench and Pullups with Press.


I tend to go overboard on an activity/hobby until I feel like I’ve mastered it, or at least have gotten as good as I want to be. So, yea, I do tend to over-program and push too hard too often. Still working on the whole moderation thing!

It’s like you know me. I’m your typical desk jockey with the posture and mobility to prove it. I’m working on it though. Lots of face pulls, external rotations with bands, downward dogs, hanging out in a “third world squat” position.

I really like what you laid out. It looks like a lot of the novice linear progression routines out there, but more intelligently programed with RPE. Thanks for taking the time to put this together!


Another offseason option or just a 4 Week Strength Block.

Cliff Notes:
Big 3 = Low Reps High Intensity
Assistance = LOTS and Higher Reps Lower Intensity (think Prehab)


Heavily weighted towards PLing with some other stuff in there. These sheets are much more refined as I find my style as a coach I guess.

Woking Title is the bread and butter. Very customizable. Then some other stuff for the time constrained or for the Powerlifting zealot (like me).

I will not be adding programs to this but I will probably post versions I made for me or other people but just as screen shots.