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Free Power Rack and Bench


From Tuff Stuff. Rack has high/low pulley.
Bench adjustable decline to incline, has leg attachment also.

A couple of straight bars with rotating collars, maybe 300-400lbs of plates. Oh and a weight tree

I live in Tulsa and am moving. You will need to PM me if interested.

Also have a Nordic Track EXP 1000S treadmill. It is decent also.


here's a pic of similar rack


I wish I was American/tulsan


Awwwwwww sweet!
Too bad you live too far away, I have hardly any gear to work with....

Good luck though.


nice gesture.....good karma!!


Sent a PM. I live in Edmond. I'm already imagining doing Ronnie lunges up and down my street. God this will be so awesome.


Enjoy brother!!! Post this news in the offical good day thread!!!!!


lol at glamor photos of weight equipment


To the OP:

Man my condolences on having to give that stuff up - hope someone does you a good favor in turn