Free Personal Training Session

Well I just joined a new gym and must say I’m overall pleased with the facilities and the amount of people/lack there of when I go to lift. The other day I got a notice in the mail that says I have a free personal training session. Well I’ve been in this game for a little while now and consider myself to be fairly learned on the subject. However I’m always open to other peoples perspective, particularly on my form with certain olympic lifts/variations.

That said I sat down with one of the trainers that was recommended based on my interests and we spoke a bit. I told him what I wanted and asked about his “credentials”. I have no doubt that he isn’t a scrub BUT…I asked him if he’s ever been on T-Mag or uses Biotest products. “NOPE” he said. Right there I had to fight the urge to leave. Anyway I’ve got an appointment for next week and I’ll report back with as non skeptical a review as I can.

Just because a guy has never been on T-Mag or uses Biotest products doesn’t mean he isn’t a great trainer. Although there is a great wealth of information here, it’s not the only good information on the planet.

I’m not saying this guy is the best trainer of all time, and I noticed that you haven’t completely counted him out. But, to even be skeptical of him because he’s never been on T-Nation is completely ridiculous.

You should check him out, you never know what you might learn.

If he sucks? Just do your normal workout afterwards and count it as a learned lesson.

Newsflash: Not everyone’s heard of T-Nation or Biotest, and there are plenty of other good sources of info out there too. Although this is a very good one.

I know, I know, I’m the first to admit I’m a lil biased.