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Free Pass Today!

Thanksgiving…I love it. A lot to be thankful for and the chance to go totally off the training diet, guilt free.

We essentially ruin the nutritonal value of everything we make today but it tastes damm good.

First of all we have an open house policy so we cook for about 30.

Got a roast turkey (brined) and two FRIED turkey injected with Crystal Hot Sauce. Fried coconut shrimp…mmmm. Mash Potatoes, stuffing, string beans that are sitting in creme and mushrooms. Brussel Sprouts with bacon…yumm. Fianlly a Pecan and a pumpkin pie. I have a slice of each.

A case of wine for dinner. And then a few cigars for the men after the feed bag is untied.

Can’t wait. One day a year I give myself a totally free pass. Of curse leftovers last thru the weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving to all.