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Free Palestine (Music Video)



Yes, yes we know...you're another white guy/Muslim/Palestinian who wants to kill the evil joos. Great that we established that.



Are you against a free palestina?? Do you want them to be unfree??


Where do I hint or say that I want Palestine to be unfree.

hwh89 is a known anti-Semite who supports those who kill, murder, and terrorize Israel and even those Christian "brothers" in Palestine.


I'm confused what is not free?


never seen this guy in here before, didnt know he was a famous racist

I asked because you pinned him as a antisemit, when he posted a musicvideo called free palestine.


the people living in occupation in the area called palestine.


In your view of a "free palestine", what would happen to a Jew living there?




So then you are in favor of suppressing the actions of the majority of the people there like Israel is already doing?

Because the only way to keep bad things from happening to a Jew there is to militarily occupy the area. When left alone, the people there go out and kill Jews.


becuase they are occupied. break the circle and the killing will stop.

ps. Your original question was a retorical one, In reality I would guess a jew would prefare to live in israel, not the westbank and gaza. With palestine I dont mean both the state of israel and gaza and the westbank.


Utter BS The people of gaza were violent before they were occupied.

You are claiming that if the jew left and went back to israel, the killing would stop? AHAHAHAHAH!!!!! Thats a good one.


You do know that the israely army kills more arabs than there is palestinian terrorists who kills jews.

Anyway this is my take on this, I am not going to become a supporter of the israely occupation regardless what you say. Therefor I am offering you a deal, we can agree to disagree.

ps. Arent you a libertarian?, Its a bit weird that you support a socialliberal states occupation of a stateless people LOL.


No no no, that isnâ??t what you claimed. You claimed that if Israel left, the violence would end. And your claims of numbers are pulled out of your magic ass and you know it. The people there elected Hamas for crying out loud, that makes the majority terrorists in my book. I mean their official government stance is essentially â??death to israelâ??.

I'm not trying to convince you to support Israel, just noting that it's really easy to say "they should be free" as long as you don't think about your stance critically. Once you start having to actually define freedom and put in place a plan that would accomplish that, you realize you are clueless.

The bottom line is that as long as jews exist there, the people of "Palestine" will try to kill them. And I'm sure you know that. So the only conclusion I can come to, since you want Israel to leave the area, is that you think Israel should sit and do nothing while it's citizens are murdered. You think that Jews should just get busy dying. I'm not really sure what else you could be proposing. If I'm wrong, please provide an alternative.


And no, even libertarians believe in the right of self defense.


Here is the thing, I look at the palestinians as regular people, not as savage beasts that hunger for the blood of the jews like you. Therefor I dont fear the emancipation of the palestine people, I welcome and francly anybody that are against the emancipation of anybody is a authoritarian pro-colonist. Your line of thinkin is would fit right in with the royalists during the american revolution or the unionists during the irish revolution or the suppporters of apartheid.


The palestinians are the one who are occupied, they defend themself for christsake.
shouldt you support theire right to by your logic, or are you just extremely inconsistent.


For Christ's sake brings up a good point. Palestinian people not only persecute the Jews, they also persecute their so called Christian "brothers."


So how many rockets and suicide bombers did the US send into Great Briton before the American revolution?

If Mexico elected a hamas government, declared that they were going to kill all Americans, and then began a steady stream of bombings against civilian US targets, I would expect the US government to fight back.

And since you offered no alternative to the occupation, I'm taking that as an admission that you believe Israel shouldn't fight back against people trying to kill them and Jews should just get busy dying.